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About 71lbs

71lbs was founded in 2011 by Jose Li. After working with Jamba Juice and FedEx, Li had experience working on both sides of order fulfillment. At Jamba Juice, Li managed the shipping logistics for over 400 stores, and at FedEx he led the retail and ecommerce industry practice.

Both UPS and FedEx have a guarantee to issue refunds for late deliveries, but the process of obtaining these refunds can be cumbersome. Li founded 71lbs to help retailers recoup costs of shipping with FexEx or UPS by pursuing refunds for packages that were not delivered on time. The name pokes fun at the policies of FedEx and UPS, since packages weighing more than 70 pounds could be charged additional fees.

71lbs Explained

The company offers an invoice audit program for companies who use FedEx or UPS for shipping. It has an automated system that monitors all shipments in a UPS or FedEx account, ensuring shipments meet the carriers’ guaranteed time commitments. If they identify shipments that did not arrive on time or identify that a shipment was overcharged for other reasons, then it automatically files a claim with FedEx or UPS to be issued a refund.

Both FedEx and UPS have money-back guarantees to assure customers that shipments will be delivered on time. In the event that a shipment is late, FedEx and UPS have a 15 day window to claim a 100% refund. It handles this process of filing claims within that 15 day period.

The company collects half of all refunds. There is no sign-up fee or monthly fee.

71lbs is best suited for small and medium sized companies that use FedEx or UPS and do not have the resources to audit all shipments manually.

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