3 Tips To Get Selling On Walmart

Due to its strict guidelines, Walmart is a more difficult platform to launch products in than other marketplaces. Keep these 3 tips in mind If you’re interested in selling on Walmart:

1. Provide Competitive Prices

Walmart prides itself on the concept of “Lowest Prices.” It’s vital to offer competitive prices to win in the Walmart e-commerce world. If you want to partner with Walmart, research your competitors’ prices – on both Walmart and elsewhere. Use that data to set your prices lower than other sellers; if you can’t match or offer the lowest prices, you may want to consider a repricing tool to help you stand out.

2. Have a Solid Reputation

Walmart is a name known worldwide, and it requires credible sellers with excellent reputations who can fulfill customer demands. Whether you use Walmart fulfillment of fulfill orders yourself, you must have a smooth procedure in place. Once you become a Walmart Marketplace seller, you must maintain a customer rating of 4.5 stars.

3. Offer a Unique Product

If you have an item that Walmart does not currently offer, the chances of being approved to sell on its online marketplace are high. Since Walmart is constantly seeking to broaden its selection, your unique product will help fill that selection gap.

If you’re looking to get into Walmart and need some guidance, contact us at Vertical Rail.

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