Website Design & Marketing for the Jewelry Industry

The decision to buy jewelry is often an emotional one. Most people either want to surprise a loved one, or they want to add a piece of jewelry to their personal collection to wear on special occasions.

That’s why jewelry marketing is about connecting with the emotions of your consumers. To be successful in the increasingly competitive jewelry industry, you need to touch on the sentiments of your customers and reach them on a deeper level. Your messaging should not only reflect the unique qualities that make your designs special, but must also communicate the way people feel when wearing your products.

Consumers are growing more comfortable shopping for jewelry online, and statistics suggest online jewelry sales will reach 10 to 15% by 2020. To meet rising demand, the jewelry industry needs to meet the needs of both fine jewelry and fashion jewelry customers.

Ecommerce businesses will capture more market share from brick-and-mortar competition if they pay attention to what their target audience. Jewelry consumers demand an easy-to-navigate and beautifully designed website to ensure a comfortable shopping experience. Combining that with shopping engine management, video marketing and social media, jewelry brands can shine in the online market.

What is our experience in this industry?

As a Google Premier Partner, we have a higher level of support available for our advertising across Google. That means if one of your products has an issue, we are more connected with support teams at Google to help us resolve those issues.

Our experience within the jewelry industry consists of providing professional services for website design, ecommerce programming, ongoing marketing management (Google Yahoo, Bing, Facebook), print ad design, Amazon store setups and maintenance, Amazon product optimization, social media management and organic SEO services.

What makes a good jewelry industry website?

There are many factors that go into creating a good website. First and foremost, you need to think in terms of your customers and how they browse. Look at your competitor’s sites, and see what the browsing experience on their site is. Then ask yourself, how can I make this better/easier/faster/simpler for my customer?

A good website in the jewelry industry will incorporate the following:

Mobile-friendliness: We consistently see 50% to 75% of traffic on websites coming from mobile devices. Your fashion or fine jewelry site must be mobile-friendly, by having a stand-alone mobile solution or by having one website that is mobile responsive to any screen size.

Contact info: Especially true for the jewelry industry where products fall on the high-end of the price spectrum, users want to reach you via email, phone, maps, etc. in the event they have questions.

SEO: Google “grades” you on two fronts – what your site says it has in it, and how your users function within it. You need properly optimized pages and content for search engines and your consumers.

Visual appeal: It’s critical that your jewelry site includes high-quality photographs. Modern visuals and technology to improve the user experience.

Simplicity: Intuitive and easy navigation, so users can get around in your site to find what they need.

Blog: Keep a regular schedule of publishing new content to keep users coming back.

Landing pages: Linked from promotions and advertising in social media or Google Ads to grow your audience.

Interaction: Anything you can do to engage your audience – and give them a reason to come back to your site again and again – is important. This is where the lines blur between website design and marketing, so just in terms of your website, you can blog and ask for comments, create landing pages from social and advertising promotions, offer sales and promos on your site if you are a retail or ecommerce business, have a newsletter sign-up if you send emails out to your customers, and more.

We understand that a website is a significant purchase and endeavor for every business. Hundreds of decisions go into creating a new website, and we have the experience to create a website for you that will create instant lift upon launch.

What is the best way for jewelry businesses to leverage video?

Video can be used on websites as a selling point to portray jewelry being worn in real life, and to show the brilliance, look and shine of various gems in different lighting. Video on an ecommerce site will support product pages and can offer consumers a more accurate depiction of the pieces of jewelry being sold.

Video is also ideal to use on social media channels to build brand recognition. Video can better connect emotionally with potential customers, showing how your jewelry will make them feel. The use of video in marketing for the jewelry industry can have a huge influence on consumers.

What is important to online consumers in the jewelry industry?

Competitive pricing, quality and brand trust are a few aspects that are important for consumers researching and purchasing jewelry online, whether rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets. When a customer spends $1,000 on a piece of jewelry, they want to feel confident that they’re getting exactly what they want and exactly what they see on your website. Other considerations include:

Payment icon

Available Payment Options

Because of the range of pricing for jewelry, it’s important to offer various options for a customer to pay for their purchase.

Return icon

Return or Exchange Policy

Similarly, companies should provide a solid return policy should customers not be happy with the piece once it’s delivered.
Jewelry certification icon

Diamond Certifications & Gemstone Authentications

Authenticity plays an important part in the jewelry industry and your company should provide appropriate documentation for your fine jewelry pieces.

How can we help brands get exposure to new customers?

It’s important to note that many people like to look at jewelry in store and try it on before they buy it. Paid search is excellent for generating brand awareness within specific regions and to create increase foot traffic. Online video and social media are also great for reaching potential customers while generating brand awareness and building trust between your business and potential new customers.

An audience segment we target is the consumer who is actively performing research with greater purchasing intent for the product, brand or category. The people who are in the act of purchasing – or end of funnel – are a major target for the jewelry industry.