Digital Marketing for Jewelry Retailers

The decision to buy jewelry is often an emotional one. Most people either want to surprise a loved one, or they want to add a piece of jewelry to their personal collection to wear everyday or just on special occasions.

That’s why digital marketing in the jewelry industry is about connecting with the emotions of your consumers. To be successful in the increasingly competitive jewelry industry, you need to touch on the sentiments of your customers and reach them on a deeper level. Your messaging should not only reflect the unique qualities that make your designs special, but must also communicate the way people feel when wearing your products.

Jewelry consumers demand a comfortable shopping experience, and with a mix of Google Shopping, SEO, and Amazon Advertising, jewelry brands can shine in the online market.

Is it viable to use Google Ads for jewelry?

It’s important to note that many people like to look at jewelry in store and try it on before they buy it. Google Ads is excellent for generating brand awareness within specific regions and to create increase foot traffic.

An audience segment we target is the consumer who is actively performing research with greater purchasing intent for the product, brand or category. The people who are in the act of purchasing – or end-of-funnel – are a major target for the jewelry industry.

How about Google Shopping?

Google Shopping for the jewelry industry can be a great option to increase sales. Shopping campaigns can promote your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry products with detailed photography and detailed information. You’ll want optimized product data feeds – including color, gem type, shape, style, chain metal, etc. – to ensure you’re reaching customers searching for your specific variations of jewelry.

What do I need to know about using Amazon for jewelry?

The jewelry industry is a good match for the Amazon marketplace, and there are many avenues to consider. If you’re a reseller of jewelry in Amazon, it’s crucial to have an Amazon store and product optimization. This will ensure optimal product visibility by consumers actively searching for your particular variations of jewelry. There are also a number of promotions to further promote your products, and you should have a Buy Box strategy to improve your sales.

If you’re a brand, you’ll want to take advantage of the benefits that are available in Amazon for jewelry brands, like Brand Registry, Brand Store, and A+ or Enhanced Brand Content.

Should I implement MAP monitoring in the jewelry industry?

If you manufacture jewelry that is sold by various resellers, MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) monitoring is critical. Jewelry manufacturers should work with resellers to maintain a friendly relationship, rather than create cutthroat competition. One of the best ways to establish a good relationship with resellers is to establish proper MAP agreements that establish pricing tactics, where resellers can and cannot compete with the manufacturer. Vertical Rail has helped our clients to create and enforce these guidelines.

What is important to online consumers in the jewelry industry?

Competitive pricing, quality and brand trust are a few aspects that are important for consumers researching and purchasing jewelry online, whether rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets. When a customer spends $1,000 on a piece of jewelry, they want to feel confident that they’re getting exactly what they want and exactly what they see on your website. Other considerations include:

Payment icon

Available Payment Options

Because of the range of pricing for jewelry, it’s important to offer various options for a customer to pay for their purchase.

Return icon

Return or Exchange Policy

Similarly, companies should provide a solid return policy should customers not be happy with the piece once it’s delivered.

Jewelry certification icon

Diamond Certifications & Gemstone Authentications

Authenticity plays an important part in the jewelry industry and your company should provide appropriate documentation for your fine jewelry pieces.

What is our experience in the jewelry industry?

Our experience within the jewelry industry consists of providing marketing management, Amazon store setups, Amazon product optimization for jewelry items, and paid search and organic SEO services.

As a Google Premier Partner, we have a high level of support available for our advertising across Google. If one of your products has an issue, we are connected with support teams at Google to help us resolve the problem.