Website Design & Marketing for the Hospitality & Tourism Industry

Vertical Rail is a digital marketing and website development business born from the hospitality and tourism industry. Since 2002, the company has enjoyed a long and successful career helping travel industry businesses and organizations achieve greater success online.

The principles and core team at Vertical Rail possess more than 80 years of combined digital marketing and design experience from car and RV rentals to cruise companies and destination marketing organizations. The company has represented a variety of companies including booking agencies and booking portals, accommodations (B&B’s, hotels, resorts), adventure tour companies (rafting, heli-skiing, dog mushing), travel insurance brokers, cruise companies, meeting and convention space, convention and visitors bureaus, State and National Park concessionaires, and backcountry adventure operators.

How do we help tourism businesses increase bookings and sales?

As a full service marketing and design company, Vertical Rail has an arsenal of tools and experience at our disposal. Our experience can most easily be broken down into the following design and marketing categories:

Website Design & Development

Custom WordPress design, development and maintenance.

Google Ads (formerly Adwords)

Vertical Rail is a Premier Google Ads Partner with experience in all facets of Google PPC marketing and advertising.

Retargeting & Remarketing

Expert campaign creation and management to increase sales.

Digital Strategy & Marketing Plans

Develop the right marketing plan and campaigns to reach sales targets.

Social Media Marketing

Create interest and engagement with your target customers across social media channels.

Social Media Contests

Increase engagement and list development with a creative, fun and easy contest.

Collateral & Brochure Design

End-to-end design and printing services for any print project. 

Print Ad Creation

The right ad to make the most of any ad buy.

What is our approach to social media and social media management for travel companies?

Travel is exciting and consumers want to feel good about their purchases and decision making. Social media publishing feeds the fire of excitement. It shows customers the people and culture behind the companies they choose. Great social media gets people excited about their travel and facilitates participation.

Social media can be used in a variety of ways in tourism including an extension of the customer service department, as a virtual concierge and even as a viral form of ratings and reviews engine. Our approach is based on creating excitement and engagement around the customer’s journey – before, during and after their visit.

What is our approach to social media and social media management?

We believe there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all social media plan, which is why we take a custom tailored approach to each tourism client’s social media management. An effective social media strategy requires us to know your brand inside and out – so that we can understand your company, its brilliance, its goals, and its voice.

Whether your marketing goals consist of increasing sales and leads through social media, driving web traffic or building brand awareness, the Vertical Rail team consists of social media specialists who have helped hospitality businesses of all sizes excel on various social platforms, from FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest, Tumblr and more.

Our collective experience in social media marketing and content development makes us effective in building your online presence and engaging with your target audience on an individual level. Such experience easily translates into sales and leads, providing you with the highest ROI toward your specific company goals.

What are some things I should be doing to increase lead flow?

When your goal is to increase leads, there are myriad ways to reach that goal. Here are a few approaches we’ve found successful.

Focus on reputation management and your social media footprint: In the digital space, your reputation is out there, in online reviews, on social media profiles, and in other online chatter. Monitor your brand, encourage positive comments, and be ready to respond to criticism.

Conversion rate optimization: CRO is the process of making small tweaks to your website, design, content, and advertising to improve the performance of your marketing. Make small changes, test the outcome, and then continue improving your conversion rates.

Focus on driving qualified traffic: Whether through SEO, PPC, business listings or other advertising, it’s important to keep your brand and your services in front of your prospects so that your company is in the forefront when they need you most.

Build a valuable referral program: Your existing clients are likely well connected with other prospects, and they may need only a small incentive to follow through on recommendations. Find creative and trustworthy ways to ask for referrals from the customers who already appreciate your services.

Offer content that matches the intent of your prospects: Just having an online presence isn’t enough. Your prospects are comparing your offering to that of your competitors. When you have high-quality content that truly speaks to your prospects, they’re much more likely to engage with your marketing.

What is our experience in the tourism industry?

Vertical Rail has performed dozens of successful campaigns and management programs for companies including cruise companies, resort hotels, tour operators and destination marketing organizations.

The company’s principles have worked with more than 500 different travel companies and organizations around the U.S. and abroad. We use this experience and understanding of the industry combined with consumer intent to develop authentic and original social media marketing programs.

All programs start with the development of a social marketing plan, schedule and budget. We then perform social management, campaign development and publishing that includes active promotions in Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Trip Advisor, Twitter, blogging and procurement of third party ratings and reviews in systems like Yelp and Trip Advisor. We work with our client’s inside teams to develop seasonal and annual social media marketing plans and contests, and then manage the daily and weekly publishing and reporting.