Website Design & Marketing for the Health and Wellness Industry

From wearable fitness technologies to vitamins and weight loss supplements, the health and wellness market is projected to be the next trillion dollar industry. With such a growing concentration of new products and retailers, it’s important you focus on expanding into emerging markets and differentiating your brand across multiple marketing channels. It’s also important to take a fresh approach to advertising, making sure to become visible in new ways.

For health and wellness companies, video can be a powerful marketing tool. Often a product detail page alone cannot convey the full message. Video shows and demonstrates the value that consumers can achieve – from weight loss videos and the proper use of exercise equipment. It is also a shareable medium that can be passed on by consumers, placed on social media and on product pages.

Along with video, we can help health and wellness brands differentiate themselves across multiple emerging channels with shopping engine management, mobile marketing and social media.

What is important to online consumers in the health and wellness industry?

Consumers in the market for health and wellness products want to feel confident in their purchase. From yoga supplies to essential oils, consumers in this industry are searching for products that lead to self-improvement.

By building confidence in your product and portraying real-life results, consumers will feel more at ease purchasing from your store. Trust is also built through peers via customer reviews and affiliates.

How can mobile apps increase quality readership?

Mobile apps allow users to stay connected on the go. If your health and wellness site promotes new articles, videos or fresh blog content, an app can notify your consumers and offer access to the new content instantly.

Consumers demonstrate that they are interested in your company and product offerings when they download your app. The app audience then becomes a powerful tool to use for further marketing.

What are some disapprovals that can get a health and wellness industry site flagged by Google? By Amazon?

As a new business starting to sell in marketplaces like Amazon or Google Shopping, there are a number of restrictions to keep in mind. If you violate these policies, Google may disapprove the ads, and suspend the site and the account if measures are not taken to comply with regulations.

Ingredients & Products

Anabolic steroids, human growth hormone (HGH), P57 Hoodia, anything related to ephedra, herbal Viagra, Muscle Mass, Zicam Cold Remedy Swabs Kids Size and more. View a list of disapproved products here.


Phrases like “cure for the common cold,” “best” and “#1” are not allowed and will get your product disapproved. If these descriptions are not in your shopping feed, but are on your site, this is still grounds for disapproval.

Amazon regulates categories, such as health and personal care, to protect their customers and themselves from fraudulent products. To sell in the health category, sellers must be on the Professional selling plan, meet strict seller performance targets and prove with documentation from the manufacturer that their products will be available for restock. Other requirements include:
Bottle icon


Products must be sold as “new” and listed under the manufacturer’s UPC
List icon


Products must include a list of ingredients in the product detail page
Ingredients icon

Ingredient Images

The product’s secondary images must include photos of the ingredients

What experience do we have in the industry?

We have a 15-year record of web design and marketing programs for vitamin suppliers, specialty health retailers, ecommerce brands, importers and wholesale distributors.

We’ve helped a variety of clients overcome approval challenges. We have specific experience making sure vitamin and supplement product listings are compliant with Google Shopping and marketplace policies. As a Google Premier Partner, we have a higher level of support available for our advertising across Google. That means if one of your products has an issue, we are more connected with support teams at Google to help us resolve those issues.

How can I increase my results from Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is constantly evolving and health and wellness companies need to evolve with it. Some ways to increase performance include ongoing product optimization, campaign organization and bid strategy.

To capture the correct audience, make sure your product information is optimized with applicable keywords and product details. This makes it easier to be found from your customer’s search queries. It’s important to regularly evaluate search terms being used to find your items, and to further narrow the audience and ensure quality traffic, add negative keywords as needed to prevent wasted spend.

Campaign organization plays a large role in the efficiency of your ad spend. Through the proper use of campaigns, ad groups, product groups, custom labels, and a bidding strategy, we can target your audience through easy-to- manage product breakouts.