Google Shopping Management

Boost Sales & Acquire More Customers With Google Shopping

When Vertical Rail works in Google Shopping, our clients fall into two distinct segments: businesses that are its brand, or multi-brand selling stores that profit from any number of brands. The approach we take in Google Shopping for your business is completely dependent on the business goals.

Google Premier Partner

Google Shopping for a Business Brand

The goals of a single brand manufacturer or business is focused. Brand building, increasing the reach, visibility and customer base is key. Google Shopping offers the opportunity to compete alongside major competitors in their industries, where target audiences are already shopping. A well thought-out strategy and implementation plan will determine success.

  • Building the Brand
  • Increasing Reach
  • Remarketing/Retention
  • Analytics & Analysis
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Google Shopping for a Multi-Brand Store

Google Shopping is the go-to for businesses – but it can be challenging. Understanding data feeds, segmentation, Shopping Actions, Analytics, and Merchant Center are all imperative to success when implementing Google Shopping ads. In addition, Showcase Ads and Smart Shopping campaigns are a rent offering from Google that can maximize conversion value and expand your business reach across networks.

  • Building Brands
  • Segmentation Plan
  • Multi PPC Source
  • Increasing Reach
  • Remarketing/Retention
  • Analytics & Analysis

Features of our Google Shopping Service

Vertical Rail’s Google Shopping Management is aimed at getting results for your business. Our certified Google specialists work with you and your team to reach – and often surpass – your goals. In addition, our Premier Google Partner status allows us access to a dedicated Google account representative, which means our team works directly with Google for support that can give us an edge – benefiting your Shopping campaigns.

Our approach to Google Shopping includes:

  • Developing highly effective and results-driven strategies leveraging all components of Shopping Campaigns
  • Driving significant visibility for your products.
  • Provide businesses with the knowledge, strategies, and tools to drive sales.
  • Leveraging professional insights and data to fuel marketing relevance.
  • Forward thinking and vision to create a flexible strategy that will evolve at pace of both ecommerce retail and business.

Achieving Your Business Goals Together

Your Vertical Rail team takes a multi-pronged approach to determine the appropriate strategy to meet your business goals in Google Shopping.

Expert Evaluation

We will assess your current Google Shopping campaigns to get an overall baseline of performance.

Identify Blind Spots

Google Shopping is a complex system. We will review your campaigns for anything that you may be missing out on or not taking advantage of.

Find Opportunity

We will review your campaign structure, your data feed, budgets & bids to ensure that you are taking advantage of the right aspects of Google Shopping.

Visibility & Reach

Identify and serve products to the right people - the ones who are looking for them.


It all comes down to the bottom line. Our strategists will develop a plan that increases the bottom line profitability of your business in Google Shopping.


We’ll discuss our findings, and share with you a breakdown of what we can accomplish for your business in Google Shopping.

Vertical Rail's Approach to Google Shopping Management

We take a no-nonsense approach to our clients’ marketing, delivering the appropriate strategy, optimization, bid management, and analysis. Clients can expect a highly experienced team that is focused on giving our clients a competitive edge and result.

  • Evaluate your current strategy, identify any gaps or blind spots, and make recommendations across a number of aspects of the business.
  • Partner with our clients in solving their Google Shopping and digital marketing challenges, identifying new opportunities, and developing strategies for continued growth.
  • Increase Client brand relevance, including search rankings and marketing strategies across multiple channels.
  • Advise on best practices for data analysis and tools for ongoing evaluation of the marketing.
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