Google Shopping Performance Analysis

Understand Your Google Shopping Performance and Potential

Receive a professional Google Shopping audit and get an unbiased review of your performance and potential in Google Shopping. We’ll examine your campaign structure, campaign performance, and data feed.

Vertical Rail is a Premier Ads SBA Partner with core expertise in advanced Google Shopping keyword & bid segmentation strategies.

All audits are performed by Google Ads Certified (formerly AdWords) technicians with hundreds of hours of experience of competitive industry account management. We take a systematic approach in our analysis, examining key areas of your Ads and Merchant center accounts, looking for noteworthy strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement in Google Shopping.

You will receive a detailed report grading your performance in these key areas:

  • Data feed management
  • Feed optimization
  • Tracking & attribution
  • Campaign structure
  • Product groups
  • Targeting
  • ROI and ROAS


Identify effectiveness of campaign structure, data feed management, and tracking.


Detect missed opportunities with campaign structure, targeting, remarketing, or data feed optimization.


Refine your Google Shopping strategy with an unbiased review.

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