Google Ads Management

An Essential Part of Digital Marketing

Every company has unique challenges and goals – whether building a brand, generating leads, or retaining customers – and those will determine how best to use Google Ads, and what types of services you may require.

Business owners may be confused by the complexities of Google Ads, from Search, Display, and Shopping Campaign types, to bids and budgets, and understanding Analytics. Google Ads is essential for ecommerce success, and companies should take advantage of everything it has to offer.

Google Premier Partner
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Strategy Development
  • Troubleshooting & Problem Solving
  • Expert Analysis
  • Custom Reporting

Our Approach To Google Ads

When you choose Vertical Rail’s Google Ads service, our certified Google professionals work with you and your team to reach – and surpass – your business goals. In addition, our Premier Google Partner status allows us access to a dedicated Google account manager, which means our team works directly with Google for support that can give us an edge – benefiting client campaigns. Our all-encompassing digital marketing approach to Google Ads includes:

  • Developing highly effective and results driven strategies leveraging all components of Google Ads.
  • Driving significant visibility for brands on Google Search and Network Partners.
  • Providing businesses with the knowledge, strategies, and tools to drive growth.
  • Leveraging professional insights and data to fuel marketing relevance.
  • Forward thinking and vision to create a flexible strategy that evolve at the pace of business.
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Google results on mobile

Mobile App Ads

Local Service Ads

Dynamic campaigns

The Path to Achieving Business Goals With Google Ads

Our team of PPC specialists works with you to determine the appropriate strategy to meet your business goals. It’s critical for us to evaluate your current strategies to see what may or may not be working. This helps us identify areas that are lacking, where budgets are being used ineffectively, and determine a strategy customized to your business.

Expert Evaluation

We will assess your current Google Ads business marketing strategies to get an overall baseline of performance.

Identify Blind Spots

Are there aspects of Google Ads that are not being used? Google Ads offers a number of extras that can significantly improve ad visibility and click through rate, like extensions.

Find Opportunity

Perhaps bids need to be adjusted, or ad groups are not segmented in a way in which to provide optimal results. Google is constantly changing and updating, so there is always room for improvement.

Visibility & Reach

Identify and serve your business or products to the right people - the ones who need your products or services.


It all comes down to the bottom line. Our PPC specialists will develop a plan that increases the bottom line profitability of your business in Google Ads.


It's our job to know what is coming in Google Ads. We'll share our findings and prepare you for what is next in helping you accomplish your business goals using Google Ads.

Vertical Insights
Amazon Video in Search Ads

Amazon Video in Search Ads

Amazon Video in Search is currently in beta testing, allowing Amazon sellers to connect with consumers using content-rich video in mobile search results. Video in Search is currently a premium ad experience requiring a minimum budget of $35,000, and is available only in the mobile shopping app.

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Smart Shopping Campaign

What is Google Smart Shopping?

Smart Shopping Campaigns are a great addition to Google’s product offering but it doesn’t replace the traditional Shopping Campaign in all cases. Smart Shopping Campaigns give advertisers and marketers alike  little to no control, as the campaigns are completely automated.

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How to Create a Local Services Ad

Because Google offers the Google Guarantee to businesses that use Local Services, it requires an application for the program and various checks. There are several steps a business must take to sign up as a service provider,

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