Digital Marketing for the Home Décor & Furniture Industry

Furniture marketing is about connecting with the needs of your consumers. To be successful in the increasingly competitive furniture and home decor industry, you need to show potential customers how the piece is functional, stylish, and how it will fit into their lifestyle.

It’s vital that existing home and furniture brands take a fresh approach to advertising, ensuring that they become visible in new, beneficial ways – this can include SEO for home decor and shopping engine management, like Google Shopping for furniture.

In addition, you’ll want to consider the industry’s shipping challenges, which include high costs due to large or heavy items. Finding the right way to market around this may seem daunting, but there’s opportunity for impressive growth for selling furniture and home décor online.

How important is SEO for furniture and home decor?

In order to have thriving sales, it’s critical to utilize SEO in the furniture and home decor industry. Including details like size, color and materials to describe each product allows you to show in more organic search results when potential customers are looking for specific variations.

Optimizing Amazon and Google Shopping for home decor should also include ensuring that your data feed reflects important information like brand, color, material, and style.

Optimizing Google Shopping for home decor had a dramatic effect on ROAS for a client that sells kitchen accessories, home decor, and table linens. We created new segmented campaigns and optimized their product feed, which led to immediate improvement in ROAS during their busy holiday season. Over a 4-month period, the campaign maintained a ROAS of more than 2,000%.

  • October: 2,310% ROAS
  • November: 2,920% ROAS
  • December: 3,719% ROAS
  • January: 3,055% ROAS

Should I use Google Search Campaigns for home decor products?

When used effectively, pay-per-click text ads can boost a home decor and furniture company’s sales. Google Search campaigns can significantly improve brand visibility and product sales using relevant keywords.

Search campaigns for home decor are important when you want to target consumers who are searching for your specific product. It’s key to understand the options available – like responsive search ads, extensions, and targeting – when creating ads for the home decor and furniture industry.

A client that manufactures artisan wreaths is a great example of how Google Search for home decor can be effective. The company reached out to Vertical Rail for help with its search campaigns. Our team created a strategy to set up new ad campaigns based on the company’s goals. We manually managed the campaigns, making adjustments as needed for optimal results. In a 3-month YoY comparison, the company experienced a:

  • 36% increase in transactions
  • 19% decrease in CPC
  • 24% decrease in total spend
  • 53% increase in revenue

What experience do we have in the industry?

From urban luxury furniture to transformative decorative home tiles, Vertical Rail has a successful track record among furniture and home decor clients. We provide a variety of professional services for furniture and home decor businesses, including Amazon consultation, developing marketing plans to elevate sales, increasing ROAS, and SEO for home decor.

As a Google Premier Partner, we also have a higher level of support available for our advertising across Google. That means if one of your home products has an issue, we are more connected with support teams at Google to help us resolve those issues.

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