Website Design & Marketing for the Home Décor and Furniture Industry

Buying furniture and home décor online is often a well thought out decision. Your customers have likely spent significant time researching a piece of furniture to add to their home that aligns with their personal style and meets their functionality needs.

That’s why furniture marketing is about connecting with the needs of your consumers. To be successful in the increasingly competitive furniture and home decor industry, you need to touch on how the piece is both functional and stylish.

It’s vital that existing home and furniture brands take a fresh approach to advertising, ensuring that they become visible in new, beneficial ways – this can include content optimization, social media and blogger outreach, web design, and shopping engine management.

It’s also crucial to consider the industry’s shipping challenges, which include high costs due to large or heavy items. Finding the right way to market around this may seem daunting, but we work with companies to market appropriate shipping prices and to provide detailed information for shoppers – making selling furniture and home décor online an opportunity for growth.

What makes a good ecommerce website in furniture and home décor?

 We often hear companies say they don’t want to change their website because their clients know how to use it – but what about consumers who don’t know you? Potential customers might find your site, but if it is antiquated in technology, they will scoot on out in haste, raising your bounce rate. A good website will incorporate the following:

Mobile-friendliness: We consistently see 50% to 75% of traffic on websites coming from mobile devices. Your home décor site must be mobile-friendly, by having a stand-alone mobile solution or by having one website that is mobile responsive to any screen size.

Contact info: Users want to reach you via email, phone, maps, etc. in the event they have questions – especially in the home décor and furniture business where products can be on the higher end of the price spectrum.

Excellent hosting: Site speed and uptime matter deeply. We can assist with the right host and level of account for your traffic.

SEO: You need properly optimized pages and content for search engines. But that content has to be what your customers want as well – it must contain information they’re searching for and the products they need.

Simplicity: Intuitive and easy navigation, so users can get around in your site to find what they need.

Visual appeal: Modern visuals and technology to improve the user experience. Beautiful images of furniture and how it can be used are a must.

Landing pages: Linked from promotions and advertising in social media or Google Ads to grow your audience.

We understand that a website is a significant purchase and endeavor for every home décor business. Hundreds of decisions go into creating a new website, and it is not a position we take lightly. Our websites have that perfect balance of SEO and user-friendliness that you, your customers and search engines are all looking for.

What experience do we have in the industry?

From urban luxury furniture to transformative decorative home tiles, Vertical Rail has a successful track record among furniture and home decor clients. We provide a variety of professional services for furniture and home decor businesses, including creating an identity across all marketing channels, developing impactful marketing plans to elevate sales across all channels, increasing ROAS, product optimization, social media management and organic SEO services.

As a Google Premier Partner, we also have a higher level of support available for our advertising across Google. That means if one of your home products has an issue, we are more connected with support teams at Google to help us resolve those issues.

How can I best leverage free shipping?

While shipping can be costly – you may still wish to leverage free shipping to incentivize your customers. But how do you best do this on bulky items like sofas and larger pieces of home decor, like wall art and garden fountains? Often it’s best to consider pricing the item you are selling as including shipping. Slightly raising the product price and advertising the product as having free shipping will increase consumer interest.

How important are color and size to optimization for SEO? For Shopping? For Amazon?

In order to have your home décor and furniture ecommerce sales thrive, it’s important to fully optimize your products with size and color for SEO, Amazon and Google Shopping. Broadening your content with size and color to accurately describe each product allows you to show in more search results when potential customers are looking for specific variations – therefore exposing you to your desired audience. One of the first steps to our optimization process is ensuring that your data feed is optimized to reflect important information that customers are looking for, such as brand, color, material, style, and more.