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Alaskan Tourism Company Increases Website Traffic 217% With 73,500 Youtube Ad Views

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Doyon Tourism operates Kantishna Roadhouse and Kantishna Wilderness Trails, offering exclusive overnight backcountry lodging and guided day trips in Alaska’s Denali National Park.


Doyon wanted to create new visibility for Kantishna Wilderness Trails. Their goal was to increase awareness for their brand throughout the state of Alaska, in preparation for their summer season.

We decided the best way to do this was to use video; advertising the scenic experience of Denali National Park across YouTube.


We developed and implemented a strategy for advertising their video across YouTube. This strategy entailed:

  • Optimizing critical video attributes, including: title, description, Call-to-Action, and thumbnail.
  • Applying geo-targeting and advanced display network targeting.
  • Proactively managing both bids and budget, monitoring performance daily.


After 3 months, Doyon’s video received almost 75,000 views. This increase in visibility contributed to the Kantishna Wilderness Trails website earning more than double the traffic of their previous year, as well as an increase in reservation requests.

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