Safety & Security Manufacturer Increases Shipped COGS By 34% In 3 Months

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Our client is a manufacturer of high quality American-made safety equipment, entrusted by households and businesses across the US.


The company has a long history of selling products through Amazon Vendor Central, but sales had slowed in recent years due to increased competition from lower quality products manufactured overseas.


Vertical Rail took over Amazon Advertising for the client and segmented campaigns in a way that more effectively targeted the intended audience for each product. We also built new campaign types to target potential top-of-funnel customers and create awareness of our product, which created sustained brand interest.


After 3 months, we were able to improve sales over the previous year. This included an increase of 33.66% in Shipped COGS, increase of 32.67% of Ordered Units, and increase of 46.43% in Shipped Units. This jump of Shipped Units vs. Ordered Units indicates that customers were more easily finding the product that they intended to buy, and cancelling orders less frequently.

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