Mattress Manufacturer Increases Conversions 42% In 3 Months

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Our client is a mattress manufacturer that has 6 stores throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. They sell their very own line of mattresses, and their mattresses are all manufactured and made to order locally in California.


The client was looking to increase in-store traffic and increase phone calls to the 6 retail stores using paid search and display advertising.


We created a series of display and search campaigns each focused on the immediate area around individual stores. Each store had campaigns built for display, mobile proximity search, and desktop search. This enabled us to segment performance based on campaign type and device type. Mobile proximity search was aimed to target mobile users within a tight proximity to the store, while desktop search was focused on a larger area around the stores. This strategy enabled us to target customers as they were researching mattresses at home and while they were out shopping for mattresses.

Over the course of three months, we refined targeting and improved messaging on the ads and website. We also optimized their ad campaigns over time, and this improved click through rates, increased conversions, and decreased the cost per conversion.


Over a 3 month period, click through rates increased by 15 percent and the cost per click decreased by 8 percent. Conversions from advertising increased by 42%, and the average cost per conversion decreased by 24%.

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