Home Decor Retailer Achieves Incredible ROAS In 4 Months

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Our client is a family-owned, small business that sells table linens, kitchen accessories, and home décor imported from France.


Google switched from free Google Product Search to paid Google Shopping, we saw it as a potentially profitable new shopping channel for our client. However, with no average bid history or engine data, there was no telling which way spend and budgets would move or whether smaller companies would be able to compete with national retailers.


We devised an entrance strategy to help them onboard with Google Shopping and become profitable. Our approach included the optimization of their product data feed to gain them visibility, launch of a custom Shopping campaign, product segmentation to increase bidding control, and proactive bid management of all products.


Our client’s Shopping campaign took off as soon as it entered Google Shopping. Each of the next 4 months maintained a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) greater than 2000%, with holiday season ROI peaking at over 3000%.

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Amazon Video in Search Ads

Amazon Video in Search is currently in beta testing, allowing Amazon sellers to connect with consumers using content-rich video in mobile search results. Video in Search is currently a premium ad experience requiring a minimum budget of $35,000, and is available only in the mobile shopping app.

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Smart Shopping Campaign

What is Google Smart Shopping?

Smart Shopping Campaigns are a great addition to Google’s product offering but it doesn’t replace the traditional Shopping Campaign in all cases. Smart Shopping Campaigns give advertisers and marketers alike  little to no control, as the campaigns are completely automated.

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How to Create a Local Services Ad

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