Toys & Games Manufacturer Increases Orders By 86% In 3 Months

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This client manufactures and sells products that enhance the workplace environment like fidget toys, teambuilding games and meeting activities. 


The manufacturer sought to increase visibility, orders and revenue using Amazon Sponsored Products. They also wanted to achieve these goals while decreasing cost-per-click in Amazon Advertising. 


Vertical Rail built manual campaigns based on the company’s top selling products. In addition, we created a broad campaign structure to ensure all active items were targeted, allowing opportunity for underperforming products to grow at a low cost. With a hands-on approach, we managed the performance of the campaigns, leading to significant increases in store visibility and sales.


In a 3-month year-over-year comparison, the fidget toy manufacturer saw impressive increases in orders and sales. Their orders in Amazon increased nearly 90%, while ad clicks jumped 474%, increasing overall visibility. At the same time, CPC decreased, achieving and surpassing the company’s goal.

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