Photo Equipment Seller Increases Conversion Rate 200% In 3 Months

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Our client sells professional camera and camcorder equipment online at wholesale prices. In addition to camera equipment and accessories, they sell electronics like tablet computers, headphones, and drones.


The camera equipment seller sought to increase conversions with Google search ads and needed a team of Google Ads professionals. Vertical Rail stepped in and got extraordinary results from previously so-so campaigns.


The program Vertical Rail implemented included optimizing content and restructuring search campaigns to increase visibility and sales. Our team manually managed campaigns and made changes and adjustments as needed to achieve optimal results.


In a 90-day year-over-year comparison, this client saw overwhelming improvements. The company saw a 259% increase in impressions, a 252% increase in clicks, a 218% increase in conversions. A 2% decrease in CTR demonstrates that the traffic reached was more qualified.

Vertical Insights
Video in Search

Amazon Video in Search Guidelines

Amazon Video in Search allows Amazon sellers to connect with consumers using content-rich video in mobile search results on the iOS and Android app. These ads are shown below the fold in the search results for keywords that are relevant to your product. Video in Search offers both Product Detail Page and Custom Landing Page campaigns, and each has specific guidelines and requirements.

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Google Lead Form Extensions

Lead Form Extensions (Beta) Introduced by Google Ads

Google Ads has been making significant changes and feature updates all year. At Vertical Rail we’re happy to welcome the “Lead Form Extensions” to our suite of tools to capture new customers. The new extension format allows advertisers to attach a form directly to a Google Ad, and consumers can fill out the form without ever visiting a new website. Advertisers are allowed to use text and an image to influence consumer interest, and Google has guidelines to ensure transparency and fair business practices, like providing the advertiser’s privacy policy.

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Amazon born to run

What is Amazon’s Born to Run Program?

The Amazon Born to Run Program is a way for vendors to launch new products and build sales velocity quickly. Amazon will generally wait for new products to gain traction before placing a large order, but the program, available to 1P sellers, gets Amazon to purchase a large quantity of your new product right off the bat. 

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