2015 Guide to Holiday Shopping & eCommerce Marketing

We here at Vertical Rail know the holidays can be demanding and stressful for businesses, and we want to help take some of that pressure off. We want retailers to know exactly what they should be doing to achieve marketing success this holiday season. To that end, we’ve created the

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Videographer Awards & New Website Launch

It’s been an exciting month for us at Vertical Rail! First, we are proud to announce that on August 1st, we were honored with 2 Videographer Awards for our work with Argosy Cruises and Hurst Remodel.     Second, we just launched a new version of our website this week.

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How to Link A Google Plus Page & YouTube Channel

Connecting Google To YouTube & Attaining “GoogTube Plus”

Disclaimer: this strategy has become invalid for many users as YouTube has ‘updated’ and removed many of the outlined options.

Watch to see how to take an existing YouTube Channel that is currently linked to a Google+ Profile and link it to your Google Plus business Page while not losing any videos or data.

Why Link Your Business’s YouTube Channel to a Google+ Page

As YouTube becomes a stronger marketing tool and an even stronger SEO ranking factor for online businesses, it is increasingly important that your business’s YouTube Channel is clearly & properly linked to not only your company website, but your Google+ business Page. When organized and linked correctly, I call it, “GoogTube Plus”.

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Preparing For the Biggest Online Holiday Sales Season in History

Online Merchants With Bullet-Proof Marketing Strategies Stand To Win Big…

Q4 is a dynamic and challenging time for online merchants and proper preparation is crucial. The holiday shopping season increases pressure on a merchant’s presence in comparative shopping engines and marketplaces. Many comparison engines increase their CPC Costs for products by up to 25% during the holidays and competition for ad space simultaneously increases. This requires additional attention to budgets & product data feeds to ensure visibility.

Online merchants who understand and prepare for the opportunities & challenges will have no problem crossing the Q4 finish line in glory. The following are five tips to help make sure that you have the best holiday sales season ever.

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Website Silo Navigation Basics in 90 Seconds

VIDEO: What is Silo Navigation & Why it is Important on an Ecommerce Website?

What Is It?

A silo is the organization of content and pages with the intent of creating a user-friendly navigation on your website.

They often look something like this:

website silo navigation

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Shopping Engine Management & Product Data Feed Optimization Services

VIDEO: We Start Where Other Companies Stop

You have to be relentless in pursuing results, going deeper, being tenacious in your efforts to be better than yesterday and better than you’re competition right now. If you’re ready to save time, increase profit, and get your business to the next level, let’s get you moving!

Product data feed optimization is a huge part of comparison shopping engine management and what we do day to day at Vertical Rail. A lot of people have misconceptions about what data feed optimization really is. The average business thinks feed optimization is simply mapping and submission, but infact, at Vertical Rail we take it to new heights. We start where other companies stop.

It starts with collecting active data so that we can create a holistic strategy. We gather data from conversion studies, Adwords, organic search, and comparison shopping search (CSE).

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Diagnosing Disapprovals in Google Merchant Center: The Image Issue

Google is constantly making improvements on the home front – and it seems that now, the Google Shopping team is seeking out product image rule-breakers and taking names.  If a majority of your products or entire data feed has been disapproved out of the blue, product image violations may be the issue.

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