Will Ad Blocking on iOS 9 Impact Advertisers & Publishers?

If you’re an iPhone user, you may have realized Apple just released its latest system update – iOS 9. As an iPhone user who just updated their phone, I’m personally pleased by iOS 9. My phone seems all around faster, especially when I’m using Safari and trying to load rich

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Introducing the New Vertical Rail Google Chrome Extension

Vertical Rail is excited to announce our brand new Knowledge Base Google Chrome Extension, available for download in the Chrome Web Store. This free extension operates silently in your browser and gives you direct access to our extensive collection of eCommerce marketing answers and how-to articles with just the click of a button.

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Is Bitcoin the Future Currency of eCommerce?

At the end of 2013, Shopify announced its integration of Bitcoin, allowing its tens of thousands of merchants to accept it as payment. EBay’s chief John Donahoe made a statement last summer regarding his vision for Bitcoin, with it (and other digital currencies) playing an important role in the growth of PayPal. And as of the end of last year, retail giants such as, Amazon, Target, Sears, and have all begun accepting Bitcoin.

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Mobile Presence: Why Responsive Design is a Smart Choice

With mobile websites, businesses have significantly less space to display information than on desktop or laptop devices. This means that developers must be conscientious of the viewer when deciding on a mobile presence. There are a number of options for developers to choose from when creating a mobile presence. Each of these options has different strengths and weaknesses, but in this article I will argue that responsive design is the most user-friendly and cost-effective method.

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How To Install Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking On Volusion

So your Volusion store is all set up and you want to measure the revenue and transactions that your website generates. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to install the Universal Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking code (analytics.js) on your website so you can start tracking your sales data!

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Alibaba I.P.O. – Game On!

eCommerce heavy hitter, Alibaba, released their I.P.O. on Tuesday and speculation ensued that this will be the largest I.P.O in history. Alibaba has chosen to take an interesting approach to attracting investors. Instead of promising to revolutionize the market, Alibaba wants to insert itself in the middle and compete with other serious players such as Amazon and Ebay. According to the NY Times, Alibaba’s shares are estimated to have a value of $200 billion at the end of their first trading day later this year. Compare that to Google’s $27.8 billion.

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Mobile Commerce: Worth Investing In

Mobile is not a new trend. Over the past 5 years the world has quickly transitioned into a mobile-friendly atmosphere.  Mobile used to be associated with just smartphones, but now it includes tablets, smartwatches, and even glasses.

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Make Friends Not Links

Last week our team experimented with a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) post and it yielded some thought provoking questions from fellow ecommerce professionals and business owners. One question in particular got our office buzzing with conversation and debate. 

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Facebook And Social Commerce: The Next Frontier In Ecommerce

As Billeo, Inc. releases its ‘Xpress Buy’ 2-click Facebook commerce solution, the potential value of selling directly to social media users continues to be hotly debated. Do you enjoy seeing direct offers & contextual advertisements on Facebook or other social platforms? Many people don’t.

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