‘Twas the Day Before Friday

‘Twas the day before Friday and all through the place Every person was scurrying, as if in a race. The clients were absent and without care And us all knowing their Babka safely arrived there.   The team was all nestled snug at their desks While visions of days off

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#History: How The Humble Pound Sign Became the Hashtag

In the twenty aughts, keywords were the king of online marketing. While their use has evolved and changed, the basic principle has remained the same. But as the first decade of the new millennium came to a close, we saw the birth of a new concept in online marketing and

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Introducing the New Vertical Rail Google Chrome Extension

Vertical Rail is excited to announce our brand new Knowledge Base Google Chrome Extension, available for download in the Chrome Web Store. This free extension operates silently in your browser and gives you direct access to our extensive collection of eCommerce marketing answers and how-to articles with just the click of a button.

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Is Bitcoin the Future Currency of eCommerce?

At the end of 2013, Shopify announced its integration of Bitcoin, allowing its tens of thousands of merchants to accept it as payment. EBay’s chief John Donahoe made a statement last summer regarding his vision for Bitcoin, with it (and other digital currencies) playing an important role in the growth of PayPal. And as of the end of last year, retail giants such as, Amazon, Target, Sears, and have all begun accepting Bitcoin.

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How to Scan QR Codes & Direct to Facebook

Vertical Rail Facebook QR Code

What you will need:

1. A QR Code (Such as the one you see to the left) that has been created with the correct URL to direct to. Here is a link where you can create your QR Code:
2. A smartphone
3. Barcode scanning application


With your Smartphone, use the barcode scan app and follow these steps:

1. Open App on your smartphone.
2. Scan QR Code above.
3. If your phone presents a link, click link. If it goes there automatically, POOF! You are done. :)

Since you are there, click the “Like” button at the top.

That’s it! Happy QR Code scanning…

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Unusual E-Commerce Product of the Day

When a person, such as I, researches comparison shopping engines like Google Product Search as much as I do, one is bound to come upon those special products that makes you scratch your head in consumer wonderment.

Over the next few months, I will bring you prime examples of just those types of products.  Please… (and I really mean this) subscribe to our Side Tracked section here and offer up your findings as well so we can all share in a moment of hmmm.

That being said, the product I offer up, in this the inaugural edition of Side Tracked, was found using Google Product Search.  The keyword was Mahogany Wood Tribute. What made this a stand alone front runner for the first edition of Side Tracked was not the keyword, though the result was a surprise. It was not the merchant or even the product itself.  It was the whole package.  It was the simple fact that really DOES sell just about everything.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Majestic Mahogany Wood Casket by Star Legacy Funeral Network , as featured at, where merchants are invited to liquidate excess inventory through the Internet.

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