Marketing vs. Advertising: What’s The Difference?

Only too often, marketers and advertisers are used interchangeably. While the two career paths may share some similarities, they are not the same. So, what exactly is the difference? A well-known example of an advertiser is Don Draper of TV’s Mad Men, the dapper creative director of Sterling Cooper. Don

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Google Revolutionizes Mobile Search with Gboard for iOS

Google just launched the Gboard keyboard app for download in the Apple Store. This is an interesting play by Google, since this app is not available for Android devices yet. However, it’s quite the power move. Gone are the days when you have to close your messages, open your browser,

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How Machine Learning is Changing the Future of SEO

Andrey Lipattsev, Google’s Search Quality Senior Strategist, recently confirmed the top 3 search ranking factors: links, content, and RankBrain. Greg Corrado, Google’s Senior Research Scientist, has also confirmed that RankBrain is now the 3rd most important signal in matching results to a search query. The idea of links and content

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2015 Guide to Holiday Shopping & eCommerce Marketing

We here at Vertical Rail know the holidays can be demanding and stressful for businesses, and we want to help take some of that pressure off. We want retailers to know exactly what they should be doing to achieve marketing success this holiday season. To that end, we’ve created the

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Mobile SEO: Optimizing Titles & Descriptions for User Behavior

Optimization is an essential focus of digital marketing, regardless of which device you’re designing your site for. However, there are some obvious differences between devices that need to be kept in mind. When optimizing for mobile, it’s important to be conscious of display limitation and user behavior in order to

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The Importance of Visual Storytelling to Marketing Strategy

Failing to make visual storytelling the primary focus of future marketing campaigns is like voluntarily choosing to play chess without your Queen from this point forward, limiting your reach and forcing your brand to compete at a significant disadvantage.

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Social Commerce Platforms: Which is Best for My Business?

Innovative retailers, e-tailers, and manufacturers are using social commerce apps to drive social engagement and increase sales directly through social media.  However, success in social commerce is more than just plugging in your products and waiting for people to buy.  Success is a result of strategy, technology and engagement.

A large number of merchants have learned firsthand that just because you post it doesn’t mean consumers will buy. That understanding is now fueling the innovation of the top social commerce platforms and app developers.

Here are a few of the industry’s top performers:


Why ShopTab?

  • Provides a complete eCommerce set up within your Facebook page.
  • Offers various other apps you can use, such as SharedDeal, which enables you to create a Daily Deal Store on social media for your customers.
  • Allows for a mobile-friendly Facebook shop.
  • Highly versatile – has Facebook shops in over 70 countries and accepts over 50 currencies.
  • You can optimize your product titles with various colors, sizes, and other unique attributes, which provides your customers with more information about your product.
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Generate Great Backlinks from Great Content

linksContent is one crucial aspect of a website that easily gets overlooked. All too often website owners, managers or marketers write content without ever understanding its true potential.

Well optimized content (written, video, photo) signals to search engines what your business is about and helps to ‘categorize’ your site, products, and services in the SERPS.  Content also puts your site, products, and services in context for your readers. It helps spread information, creates a sense of business culture, and plays a big role in consumer engagement.  But one of the major benefits of content that is frequently overlooked is backlink generation.

In short: build GREAT content and backlinks will follow.

So, why does great content generate great backlinks? It’s Easy!

  • Content that helps people, informs or excites is more likely to be shared by others via a link from their social account, blog, or website.
  • People will link to an excellent blog post, video, image, webinar, or infographic because it helps build a reputation of quality – both for your business and the business/individual who linked to you.
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5 Simple Ways to Make Your eCommerce Site More Customer-Centric

ecommerce_customer_serviceOnline sales are more relevant now than ever.  Each year, eCommerce sales grow by leaps and bounds. However one of the main reasons people continue to shop at brick-and-mortar locations is for the exceptional level of customer service that many eCommerce websites cannot compete with.

While shopping online is the ultimate convenience, many people appreciate the fact that they get to touch and experience the products first-hand in brick-and-mortar stores.  Perhaps even more important is the fact that they can settle disputes, get answers to important questions, and receive real, live human interaction.

We want to see eCommerce sites offer the same level of customer service that brick-and-mortars do, because their customers expect it.  Here are 5 simple ways to make your eCommerce website more customer-centric:

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