Does Yelp Help Small Business?

A make or break for many in the service industry, Yelp reviews tend to have a large influence on the buying cycle. Depending on how reviews are filtered and displayed, it can have a huge impact on revenue and profits.

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Protecting Your Business’ Reputation: Part II

Start Listening: Steps to Taking Control of Your Reputation Online One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make in managing their reputation online is that they don’t! It’s not because they don’t care; more often than not, it’s because they just don’t know where to start. We’re all busy enough

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Protecting Your Business’ Reputation: Part I

What is Reputation Management & Why is it Important? The definition of reputation management is simply: listening and responding to information (feedback, comments, complaints, praise, etc) about your business online. Sounds simple enough, right? Social media has created an entirely new landscape for how people can find and share information.

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How to Deal with Negative Online Reviews

5 Steps to Turning a Bad Review into an Opportunity for Your Business Ratings and reviews are becoming increasingly critical for building a successful online presence.  However, you are not going to like everything that your customers have to say.  When an unhappy customer writes a negative or hostile review

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