After the Dust Settles – Penguin 4

After a week after Google’s latest Penguin update, winners and losers emerge out of the dust. According to the Moz’s latest surveys and reports, Penguin 4 was just about the same size as Panda’s 20th update. Google clocks in the number of impacted queries at 2.3% – a long way from Google’s first and largest Penguin update, which affected 3.1% of search queries.

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Google Penguin 2013: SEO, Ecommerce & How They Interplay

Google’s newest Penguin 2.0 update is now live! On the heels of this update, we came across Search Engine Watch’s article “Google Penguin 2013: How to Evolve Link Building into Real SEO,” which succinctly breaks down what this means for small e-commerce businesses that heavily rely on SEO for organic traffic.

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The End is Near for the Google Checkout Platform

On November 20th, Google Checkout will be phased out and replaced by Google Wallet. Our friends at CPC Strategies just posted RIP Google Checkout: Google Pushes Merchants Towards Wallet,” giving e-tailers suggestions on what to do if they are currently using this platform and need to make the transition to Wallet or another solution.

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Google Shopping Switches to Paid International PLA’s

Google just announced that paid Product Listing Ads are being rolled out internationally on June 11th. According to Inside Adwords’ recent post “Connect, Click and Convert Around the World with Google Shopping” this transition will help retailers “connect the right products with customers … increasing clicks to their sites, and convert more shoppers into buyers.”

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Optimizing Your E-Commerce Website’s Product Labels

Search Engine Land’s article “Non-Descriptive Labeling Can Hurt Your SEO & Site Usability” gives e-tailers some great tips on optimizing product descriptions for better organic search engine results.  Focusing on long-tail descriptions will give your products a better chance of showing up in search results when specific queries are performed – leading to better conversion rates.

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