Google Launches ‘Estimated Total Conversions’

Google has introduced a new way for paid search marketers to track how their AdWords PPC ads drive conversions. ‘Estimated Total Conversions’ could turn out to be a very interesting tool. With ‘Estimated Total Conversions’, Google has made it easier to trace a customer’s conversion path that originates from a paid click.

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A Revolution in Online Shopping

Attention! Google Shopping Express has arrived! Well sort of…as of yesterday, it’s officially available to all users in the San Francisco Bay Area.  This new and exciting service helps users shop at a level of all-time efficiency.

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Ebay Commerce Network Gives Much Needed Update to Merchant Center

If a pig flew past your window this morning I’m not surprised. Ebay Commerce Network ( has finally given its merchant center dashboard a much needed upgrade. Prior to the new merchant center update that went live this week, the user experience was awkward, with menu options that were too deep, no comprehensive display of important metrics like daily clicks, daily costs, and revenue.

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Facebook And Social Commerce: The Next Frontier In Ecommerce

As Billeo, Inc. releases its ‘Xpress Buy’ 2-click Facebook commerce solution, the potential value of selling directly to social media users continues to be hotly debated. Do you enjoy seeing direct offers & contextual advertisements on Facebook or other social platforms? Many people don’t.

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Google Updates Link Scheme Webmaster Guidelines

Late on Friday July 26th, Google made an unannounced update to it’s webmaster tools link schemes guidelines. In the land of SEO, link building has always been regarded as the go-to way for increasing page rank, so it’s easy to see why this change is receiving so much attention throughout our industry.

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