PetSmart Buys For $3.35 Billion, the online store for pet owners, was recently acquired by PetSmart for $3.35 billion – the largest ecommerce deal in history. Photo credit: reader of the pack via / CC BY-ND Ecommerce pet stores have been increasingly siphoning off sales from brick and mortars – especially with the

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Marketing vs. Advertising: What’s The Difference?

Only too often, marketers and advertisers are used interchangeably. While the two career paths may share some similarities, they are not the same. So, what exactly is the difference? A well-known example of an advertiser is Don Draper of TV’s Mad Men, the dapper creative director of Sterling Cooper. Don

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Facebook Tests Ads Within Messenger App Home Screen

Ad load has become a hot topic with regards to Facebook. News feeds on the flagship platform are running out of ad space. Now, the advertisements are spreading to Instagram feeds, Audience Network, and Facebook Messenger – a mobile messaging application. There have been previous experiments with Messenger ads. The

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Upcoming Changes to Google AdWords to Affect Advertisers

At Google Performance Summit on Monday, Google announced significant changes expected to hit AdWords over the course of 2016. Of all the major announcements, these are the 4 changes to AdWords most likely to affect advertisers: Text ads will be expanded, allowing for increased character counts across all devices. As

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Google Introduces Shopping Ads on Image Search

Google just announced their introduction of shopping ads into image search. This means that now ads for related products will appear as customers search Google Images, so they can click through to buy them. (Note: This is currently a mobile only feature.) Shopping ads are automatically eligible to show in

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Google Revolutionizes Mobile Search with Gboard for iOS

Google just launched the Gboard keyboard app for download in the Apple Store. This is an interesting play by Google, since this app is not available for Android devices yet. However, it’s quite the power move. Gone are the days when you have to close your messages, open your browser,

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2015 Guide to Holiday Shopping & eCommerce Marketing

We here at Vertical Rail know the holidays can be demanding and stressful for businesses, and we want to help take some of that pressure off. We want retailers to know exactly what they should be doing to achieve marketing success this holiday season. To that end, we’ve created the

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Will Ad Blocking on iOS 9 Impact Advertisers & Publishers?

If you’re an iPhone user, you may have realized Apple just released its latest system update – iOS 9. As an iPhone user who just updated their phone, I’m personally pleased by iOS 9. My phone seems all around faster, especially when I’m using Safari and trying to load rich

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The Google Buy Button – A New Mobile Marketplace

Google announced the arrival of their latest paid search endeavor to compete with Amazon and eBay, the Buy Button. At this time, the Buy Button is confirmed to be for mobile search only. This latest update from Google is concerning to many businesses and consumers alike due to it changing

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