Amazon Joins in Google Product Listing Ads

After years of holding out, Amazon is now participating in Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs). This is the first time ever that the world’s largest online retailer has joined in the pay-to-play format under Google Shopping. Likely due to competition between the two, the shopping giant refused to participate in Google

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2015 Guide to Holiday Shopping & eCommerce Marketing

We here at Vertical Rail know the holidays can be demanding and stressful for businesses, and we want to help take some of that pressure off. We want retailers to know exactly what they should be doing to achieve marketing success this holiday season. To that end, we’ve created the

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Promotional Text Retiring For Google Shopping Product Listing Ads

If you use promotional text on your Google Shopping Product Listing Ads, then you most likely received a Google announcement stating that this feature will be retired on September 30, 2015. What does this mean for advertisers? It means that Google is changing how information is applied to Product Listing

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The Importance of Planning for Back to School Shopping

Back to school is a big shopping event and many online retailers say that back to school shopping takes place 1-2 months before school begins. It is crucial to pre-strategize an eCommerce plan that will meet your customers’ needs and your business’ success. Things to Consider when Planning for Back

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How to Optimize Product Titles by Categorizing Color

As a frequent online shopper, it is frustrating to do a product search that contains color and not find what I am looking for. Color can be subjective; although unique hues can differentiate shades or speak to a brand, it makes online shopping complicated. In the fashion industry, mauve is

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The Google Buy Button – A New Mobile Marketplace

Google announced the arrival of their latest paid search endeavor to compete with Amazon and eBay, the Buy Button. At this time, the Buy Button is confirmed to be for mobile search only. This latest update from Google is concerning to many businesses and consumers alike due to it changing

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Cyber Monday Sales – A Recap & Tips for Success

eCommerce Marketing Advice on Google AdWords & Other Online Opportunities In eCommerce marketing the holiday season is a busy time of year. Cyber Monday alone this year is reported to have finished with over $2 billion dollars in desktop sales. This is a 17% gain over 2013. Not to mention

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