Google Launches ‘Estimated Total Conversions’

Google has introduced a new way for paid search marketers to track how their AdWords PPC ads drive conversions. ‘Estimated Total Conversions’ could turn out to be a very interesting tool. With ‘Estimated Total Conversions’, Google has made it easier to trace a customer’s conversion path that originates from a paid click.

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Google Shopping – A Mid-Transition Report

On the Google Commerce Blog today (September 12th, 2012),  Google provided some valuable information about where they are in the process and some analysis of companies who have been using the CPC Google Shopping model thus far. With just over two weeks left before the complete adoption of the CPC model is to be in place, Google states they have inventories from over 100,000 sellers.  They even boast some of those sellers are marketplaces.

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Leveraging Google Analytics To Find Product Listing Ad Keywords

By now, you’ve probably gotten your Google Product Listing Ads up and are all set for free shopping D-day – so what else can you do to make sure that your campaign is successful after the dust and ashes settle?  With the ever changing landscape that is e-commerce, I’d say there is always more optimization to be done!

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An Easier Way To Set Up Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) And Why You SHOULDN’T Do It

In an effort to get merchants into the swing of paid listings, Google has introduced a new, more streamlined way to set up Google Product Listing Ads.  It’s a quick three step process that Google hopes will draw in merchants who are not well-versed in AdWords, or who think that setting up a Product Listing Ad is too much trouble.  Before I get into the why-not’s, here’s the how-to for those who are interested.

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Are You Eligible For Google’s Trusted Stores Program? A Checklist.

In its quest to “build a better shopping experience,” Google has launched another online shopping initiative: Google Trusted Stores.  The program aims to boost consumer confidence- after all, who would feel uncomfortable buying from a store backed by Google and $1000 in purchase protection benefits (plus, there’s that shiny Google badge)?

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How to Set Up Google Product Listing Ads

Back in May, Google announced that it planned to transition its free-to-use Google Product Search engine to a paid model using the Product Listing Ads platform.  You may have seen them in your Google searches; type in an item and on your search engine results page, you’ll see a Product Listing Ad above organic search results, among them, or in the sidebar with other AdWords ads (Google hasn’t quite made up its mind, yet).

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Google Shopping: New Policies & Feed Requirements

Effective July 1st, 2012 all participating Google merchants will be required to comply with the new feed requirements and policies associated with Google Shopping. We know this may be confusing to some, as currently there are different governing policies for Google Product Search, Google Adwords and Google Product Listing Ads.

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Timeline of Changes in Google Shopping

Whereas Google has provided hard deadlines for certain aspects of the Google Shopping transition, it is important to remember that aspects of the changeover may be seen immediately.  Free readership could be effected in the month of June as Google experiments with search engine results page layouts and displays of current Google Product Listing Ads.  The hard deadlines are listed below.

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Improve Consumer Confidence with Google Trusted Stores

Alongside the major changes coming to their shopping platform, Google is putting a big emphasis on user experience and consumer confidence. In addition to an improved layout in Google Shopping and on search engine results pages, Google is encouraging merchants to participate in their Trusted Stores program.

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