Just Create a Data Feed… Yeah Right.

Product data feed optimization is simple.  All you have to do is figure out if you can generate a feed from within your e-commerce platform that will perfectly map your product’s attributes to accepted and required attribute fields of each comparison shopping engine.  If that can’t be done, you need to find a way to gather the required information and set up a feed on your own.

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Social Networks & Social Media Marketing: The Chicken or the Egg?

I find it curious that there are many “experts” of social media marketing and social networking that never seem to make the connection between the two.  It makes me wonder if I am missing something. I have read posts by the very knowledgeable Chris Brogan who have likened the development of your social network to a secret fight club (see post at and pointed out a successful network is one made of real people, with real connections.

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Pay Per Click Fraud Leaves Internet Marketers Looking for Better Solutions

In the New York Times this week, Susanna Hamner relayed some great information to readers about the true effects of click fraud, related to pay per click advertising. In her article, Hamner focuses on the automotive retailer industry and points to a substantial number of advertising pay per clicks that originate in locations where these retailers are not doing business, such as Bulgaria and Indonesia.

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New Rules of Engagement

Marketing Insights from the High Seas It’s October, 2008, I am officially on vacation. Ten exclusive nights on a cruise ship bound for the Mexican Riviera with nothing much to do other than catch the warm Pacific Ocean breezes, swim, eat, read, relax… and …somehow figure out a way to

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