How is Redefining Comparison Shopping Search started from humble beginnings like many successful businesses before it.  An entrepreneur with seven successful ventures behind him listened to his wife softly vent about how difficult it was to not only find products and prices but also adequate merchant details and policies while shopping online.

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Green Comparison Shopping Engine Offers Inexpensive & Easy Advertising with Emphasis on Shopping Experience

Pristine Planet is a comparison shopping engine that maintains a sustainable and green product focus. Launched in 2004, it was the first shopping site of its kind. Today, with the increasing appeal and momentum of green-commerce search, Pristine Planet is poised to help a new generation of socially-conscious merchants and consumers connect within comparison shopping.

Read More – Affinity Index Ranking Technology is Patent Approved has had their Affinity Index Ranking (AIR™) technology patent approved by the US Patent Office. That is the news out of the Sunnyvale, California headquarters.  It is big too, as is a fast growing comparison shopping engine who prides itself on this technology. This technology assigns relative rank values to links (web pages) by analyzing quality points in a nodal network.

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Yahoo! Shuts Down Submit API. Developers Forced to Apply with Pricegrabber

So all you developer types who have been keen on the Yahoo! Shopping Product Submit API… step forward and get your new permissions from Pricegrabber.  Better hurry though, as you have until March 11, 2010 to make the adjustment. Welcome to another round of Yahoo! outsourcing. Announced earlier today,  search engine giant Yahoo!, entered into what they call a “strategic partnership” with the well known comparison shopping engine, Pricegrabber.

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SortPrice and the Facebook Wishlist

Sounds like the title to a children’s book.  The potential ramifications certainly point to thousands of Facebook users suddenly giddy with child-like excitement upon receiving notification that the special item they have had on their wishlist is now available at the price they are willing to pay. And it is a simple Facebook Application.  So right there in my toolbar, I now see every application that can get me through any day: Farmville, Mafia Wars, Bejeweled Blitz, Foodfight and now… Wishlist.

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Comparison Shopping Engine Holiday Rate Changes

For e-commerce stores, that simply means being aware of the annual tradition of comparison shopping engines hiking up their costs per click. In an effort to capture a bit of their own holiday glee, CSE’s like Pricegrabber, NexTag and Shopzilla raise their rates by as much as 25%. How does that work?

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It’s November… Do you Know Where Your Products Are?

The holiday shopping season is already underway.  Long gone is the time that  holiday shopping kicked off the day after Thanksgiving.  Retail shelves are already full of holiday offerings.  What is amazing is that shopping carts are already full of holiday products.

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Unusual E-Commerce Product of the Day

When a person, such as I, researches comparison shopping engines like Google Product Search as much as I do, one is bound to come upon those special products that makes you scratch your head in consumer wonderment. Over the next few months, I will bring you prime examples of just those types of products.  Please… (and I really mean this) subscribe to our Side Tracked section here and offer up your findings as well so we can all share in a moment of hmmm.

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