Google AdWords Testing Ad Groups In Shopping Campaigns

In my last post comparing the Search Network Only – Product Listing Ads and the Shopping campaign types, I mentioned a few key differences between the two – the most notable being the substitution of Ad Groups with one broad Product Group per campaign.

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Google Shopping Campaigns: New Features, Advantages & Shortcomings

Last month, Google announced the global release of the Shopping campaign type for Product Listing Ads (PLAs) across all AdWords accounts. Immediately, there was a loud cry of, “Where are my ad groups??” across the entire PPC community followed by speculation as to whether this strange, new campaign type would become the default campaign type for Product Listing Ads (PLAs) in a few months’ time.

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Quick Tips for Good Google Shopping Titles

Bad product titles can confuse shoppers, raise costs, discourage clicks, and have many more adverse effects on your Google Shopping campaign. While optimizing titles SKU by SKU can be very tedious, eliminating bad titles from your product feed can have profound effects on impressions, clicks, and conversions.

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Social Commerce Platforms: Which is Best for My Business?

Innovative retailers, e-tailers, and manufacturers are using social commerce apps to drive social engagement and increase sales directly through social media.  However, success in social commerce is more than just plugging in your products and waiting for people to buy.  Success is a result of strategy, technology and engagement.

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Data Feed Basics for Comparison Shopping Engines

Is your business ready expand into comparison shopping engines (CSEs)?  You’ll need to get your hands on a product data feed to start! Follow the Vertical Rail blog for our upcoming series of posts focused specifically on data feeds.  Today we begin with a basic introduction and in following weeks, will delve deep into each CSE’s data feed specs and unique requirements.

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Google Page Layout Algorithm Update

Today head of Google’s spam team, Matt Cutts, announced a change to Google’s search algorithm via Twitter. The change will be a tweak of the portion of the algorithm that takes layout into account when determining page quality.

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Generate Great Backlinks from Great Content

Content is one crucial aspect of a website that easily gets overlooked. All too often website owners, managers or marketers write content without ever understanding its true potential. Well optimized content (written, video, photo) signals to search engines what your business is about and helps to ‘categorize’ your site, products, and services in the SERPS.

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5 Simple Ways to Make Your eCommerce Site More Customer-Centric

Online sales are more relevant now than ever.  Each year, eCommerce sales grow by leaps and bounds. However one of the main reasons people continue to shop at brick-and-mortar locations is for the exceptional level of customer service that many eCommerce websites cannot compete with.

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Why Should Ecommerce Merchants Pay Attention to Bing Ads?

Bing Ads are currently catching up the market leader- Google.  In fact, each year, Bing continues to capture more and more of the market share.  While Google retains roughly 67% of the search market, Bing has around 17.9% with a 2% increase over the previous year according to Search Engine Journal.

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Alternative Social Media

A good social media marketing strategy is essential to any e-commerce business in 2014. Whether your goal is to increase site traffic, brand awareness, or conversions, it’s well worth while to explore the marketing potential of social media.

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