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Top Amazon EBC & A+ Content Pages

In the Amazon Marketplace, it’s crucial to differentiate yourself from other vendors and sellers. Features like Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and A+ Content offer sellers and vendors, respectively, the opportunity to stand out from competitors with rich media like videos and interactive content.By utilizing EBC or A+ Content, you can showcase additional product details, share company history, and include visual content in order to improve trust and conversion rates.

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Bing Ads Renamed to Microsoft Advertising Amid Release of New Ad Options

In addition to search ads, Microsoft Advertising allows advertisers to reach consumers with display and video ads across the Microsoft Audience Network. The Microsoft Audience Network can show ads on apps and websites across mobile, tablet and desktop devices. The network makes use of audience intent and artificial intelligence to help marketers reach valuable audiences.

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Amazon Targeted Ads

Amazon Launches Sponsored Product Targeting

Advertisers now have better access to Amazon customers via Sponsored Product Targeting, which is available to both Sellers and Vendors. Similar to Product Display Ads – available only to Vendors – you can target customers by product, using specific ASINs or categories that can be filtered by price, brand, or rating.

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Smart Shopping Campaign

What is Google Smart Shopping?

Smart Shopping Campaigns are a great addition to Google’s product offering but it doesn’t replace the traditional Shopping Campaign in all cases. Smart Shopping Campaigns give advertisers and marketers alike  little to no control, as the campaigns are completely automated.

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Google Adwords

Google AdWords is Now Google Ads

The new Google Ads brings together its advertising products across all of its networks under the Google Marketing Platform, a unified marketing and analytics platform.

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coastal manufacturing website

Coastal Manufacturing Website Launched

We designed and built a custom WordPress website designed to showcase their equipment in both a desktop and mobile environment. The site design placed a strong emphasis on their two specialties while also showcasing the entire line of equipment.

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