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The beauty and cosmetics industry is becoming more and more defined by social media and its audience’s use of social media platforms. A recent Google study found that 50% of all beauty shoppers actively watch beauty videos on YouTube while shopping for cosmetics products.

Research shows that shoppers are more likely to purchase when given subjective information about the product he or she is interested in. These customer reviews are communicated through social media, in the form of a video review on YouTube, social posts on Facebook or Instagram or a blog review.

But how do you meet the consumer demand to stay active on social channels? And furthermore, how do you ensure that beauty consumers are even finding and purchasing your cosmetics?

Beauty and cosmetics brands become most competitive when they expand into emerging markets and differentiate their brand across multiple marketing channels. Often, it’s vital for existing brands to take a fresh approach to advertising, ensuring that they can become visible in new, beneficial ways – this can be through a variety of methods, including content optimization, social media and blogger outreach, web design, and shopping engine management.

What’s the best way for a beauty brand to gain a following in social media?

This industry has experienced tremendous expansion – all attributable to social media! Thanks to the power of influencer marketing – a strategy in which an “influencer” engages with your brand by sharing content, tagging you in their posts or mentioning you on their blogs – the ability to grow your brand is easier than ever… if you have the right strategy.

We can perform market research to identify the best blogs for reviews and ad placement, which will expose you to a larger audience likely interested in your product, thus growing your social following, increasing brand awareness and potentially improving sales.

For brands that are interested in a more intensive PR approach, we can also identify bloggers, vloggers (video bloggers), and social media users who would likely persuade their followers (and your target audience) to purchase your products.

What is important to online consumers in the beauty industry?

Consumers who purchase beauty products online fall into a huge range of those seeking cheap prices and perhaps not-so-great quality to those interested in only the highest quality beauty products available. But there are some factors that affect all consumers.

Confidence in Seller & Product

Perhaps the most important factor for a cosmetics consumer is having confidence in their purchase – this includes trust that the product they’re buying will match the quality or price they seek in the product.

Clear Product Details

The clearest and most concise information – featuring relevant product details such as size details and product measurement – will increase the consumer’s likelihood of purchasing your products. Make sure you have well-optimized content with clear, formatted product descriptions.

Visually Appealing Images

Vital to overall consumer confidence in online apparel and accessory shopping is having visually appealing product photos, which clearly display an accurate representation of your product. Consumers are far more likely to purchase products with captivating product photography.

What experience do we have in the beauty and cosmetics industry?

From high-end advanced cosmetic technologies to natural body and skin care, Vertical Rail has produced a successful track record for our beauty and cosmetics clients. Our success in the industry consists of providing a variety of services for client’s seeking to expand their presence in the realm of beauty, cosmetics and health ecommerce.

We’ve helped clients reach success by employing a variety of marketing strategies, including creating a uniform identity for cosmetics across all marketing channels, developing impactful marketing plans to elevate sales, product optimization, social media management and organic SEO, video marketing services, and web development and design services.

What is the best way for beauty and cosmetics businesses to leverage video for their marketing?

Video can send a powerful marketing message, especially in an industry where application of a product is so important. Often product photos and descriptions don’t capture the full impact of cosmetic products. Whether video marketing comes in the form of impactful before-and-after cosmetic videos or a glamorous, fun and shareable clip that captures your brand’s message, video marketing can have an enormous impact on your sales and following on social media.

How does a one-product company compete in this industry?

Being a company that features a single product presents a unique marketing opportunity; largely based around strategically positioning yourself in your market.

To take advantage of this you must target your audience, likely a specific group of people for which the product was created. To succeed, hone in on your product’s strengths and the unique aspect of your business – what do you do that separates you from your competitors and how can you tell that narrative?

You must be able to successfully deliver the “je ne sais quoi” of your business with web design and optimization to secure your niche. This will also be largely dependent on your social media presence, which you should devote adequate time to in developing your brand’s presence and social following.

How do we market around products with a low average order value?

Marketing around beauty products with a low average order value can be combatted in a number of ways.

Perks for Minimum Order Amount

Adding free shipping at a designated order amount is an effective way to raise order value. Provide an incentive when customers spend a minimum amount.

Product Recommendations

Add a suggested product pairing to go with items in their shopping cart or profile a popular item to the checkout page, which is a great way to increase low average order value.

Package Products Together

Offer product bundles that cost less than if the items were purchased individually. This can increase sales and customers are happy to receive a deal.

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