Digital Marketing for the Apparel Industry

Evolving as quickly as fashion trends come and go, the apparel industry has become increasingly competitive across all sales channels. Digital marketing for the apparel and accessories industry in Google Shopping and Amazon is vital for you to remain competitive and ensure that consumers are finding and purchasing your products.

Fashion and apparel brands become most competitive when they differentiate their brand across multiple digital marketing channels. It’s vital for existing brands to take a fresh approach to advertising, ensuring that they can become visible in new, beneficial ways – this can be done through a variety of methods, including content optimization and shopping engine management.

Which shopping engines are best for marketing apparel?

Our clients often experience dramatic success in shopping engines and marketplaces like Google Shopping and Amazon for apparel and accessories. Consumers use these platforms to consider price, quality, and shipping; as a seller, you can use CSEs to target your product to high-quality traffic that is ready to purchase.

However, this is dependent on a number of individual factors, including your digital marketing strategy. Existing data will help us understand your audience, allowing us to identify whether your current shopping engines and marketplaces are profitable.

For example, an organic clothing company in the Amazon Marketplace had lackluster sales in Amazon Advertising and sought a professional Amazon consultation. We knew that Amazon was a good fit for their products, so we stepped in and helped significantly improve sales through product listing optimization for apparel and Sponsored Products ad management. In only 2 months, the company saw a:

  • 113% increase in product sales
  • 74% increase in order items
  • 37% increase in page views
  • 34% increase in sessions

How can I use digital marketing to increase my CSE results?

If you’re advertising apparel in Google Shopping, you know that the platform is constantly evolving. This means you need to adjust accordingly to stay current and competitive. Some ways to increase performance include ongoing optimization of apparel products, campaign organization, and bid strategy.

To capture the correct audience for your apparel products, make sure your product data is optimized with applicable keywords and details. This makes it easier to be found from your customer’s search queries. To further narrow the audience and ensure quality traffic, evaluate search terms regularly and make use of negative keywords to prevent wasted spend.

Campaign organization plays a significant role in the efficiency of your ad spend. Through the proper use of campaigns, ad groups, product groups, custom labels, and a bidding strategy, you can target your audience through product breakouts according to brand, style, and more.

Should SEO for apparel be a part of my digital marketing strategy?

In order to have your sales thrive, SEO in the apparel industry is crucial. It’s key to include details that differentiate products with accurate descriptions – including details like size and color. By describing each product, you are exposing your items to highly qualified traffic in search of your specific variations.

The importance of SEO for apparel is illustrated with a client that came to us needing a digital marketing strategy to gain a competitive edge. We addressed their SEO issues by first performing in-depth keyword research and analysis to develop relevant product descriptors for their apparel products. Using this research, we then optimized page content and improved meta titles and descriptions. In just 4 months, the client saw a:

  • 1,380% increase in website orders
  • 1,216% increase in revenue
  • 576% increase in conversion rates

What’s important to consumers buying apparel online?

Fashion and accessory customers look at a variety of factors when shopping online.

Confidence in Seller & Product

Perhaps the most important factor is a consumer having confidence in their purchase – this includes trust in the seller and trust that the product they’re buying is up to their quality standards. Authenticity is also very important; no one appreciates a bad shopping experience.

Clear Product Details

Clear and concise information – including relevant details like size, styles, and measurements – will increase the likelihood of a consumer purchasing your product. Make sure you have well-optimized apparel content with clear, formatted product descriptions.

Visually Appealing Images

Appealing photography is vital to overall consumer confidence in the online apparel and accessory industry. Images should display an accurate representation of your product.

What is our digital marketing experience in the apparel industry?

From high-end luxury boutiques to athleisure wear, Vertical Rail has a successful portfolio of fashion and apparel clients, including plus size apparel, children’s clothing, school uniforms, athletic apparel, lingerie, and a variety of women’s and men’s casual fashion.

Our track record consists of providing a variety of services for fashion and apparel clients, including developing impactful digital marketing plans to elevate sales, creating a uniform identity across all marketing channels, increasing ROAS, product optimization, and organic SEO services.

As a Google Premier Partner, we have an impressive level of support available for our advertising across Google. This means that if one of your products has an issue, we are more connected with support teams at Google to help us resolve the problem.

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