Analytics & Analysis

In Digital Marketing, The Numbers Don't Lie

When it comes to analytics, the Vertical Rail team has the experience to analyze the results and make changes accordingly. We offer in-depth Google Analytics analysis and consulting to help you identify strengths and weaknesses to help move your business forward.

As a stand-alone service, our Analytics Analysis & Consulting includes:

Audit of Marketing Indicators

 Analysis of Industry Landscape

Competitive Assessment

Seasonal Buying Trends

Audience Analysis

Comparative Analysis

Forecasting Success

Results Reporting

It’s imperative to measure the impact of any digital marketing campaign. The analytics and analysis service offered by Vertical Rail includes an audit of business marketing indicators, to determine your baseline. To further understand your business, we analyze your industry’s marketing landscape and take a hard look at your competitors. Seasonal trends and your target audience also play into performance.

Understand What Analytics Is Telling You

Choosing Vertical Rail’s Analytics service means you team up with professionals who will analyze your performance based on a given set of marketing and business data points. Our approach includes:

Understanding of core business and business marketing environment data.

Conclusions based on data, logic, and decades of experience.

Leveraging professional insights and data to fuel marketing relevance.

Using Data to Find Opportunity

Your Vertical Rail team takes pride in your business success. When looking into analytics, we interpret the results, identify the industry trends and share these insights.

Objective evaluation

We will assess your current business marketing environment and determine your performance based on key data points.

Identify advantages and weaknesses

Internal and external marketing factors affecting the ability to conduct successful business.

Historical data

Looking at your business’s historical analytical data will better identify the audience based on key data factors such as seasonal trends, demographics, and geotargeting.

Comparative analysis

Consider comparative analysis models to analyze sectors of business/products for success.


We offer a consult based on expert marketing analysis.

What Differentiates Vertical Rail

At the end of the day, it’s about experience. Clients can expect a dynamic and highly experienced digital marketing team focused on competitive brand strategy that delivers results.

  • Developing highly effective and sales-driving E-Commerce and digital marketing strategies.
  • Driving significant growth in brand presence in Google.
  • Arming brands with the knowledge, strategies, and tools to drive continued growth.
  • Leveraging insights and data to fuel relevance improvement.
  • Developing strategies for leveraging the tools available through Google Ads.
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