Amazon Product SEO

Unlock Amazon’s Organic Search Potential

Vertical Rail is focused on increasing profitability for clients. Amazon’s algorithm tends to give higher rankings and rewards the Buy Box for listings that are most likely to be purchased. This means potential for higher conversion rates which tend to drive up sales rankings.

We approach Amazon product optimization (Amazon SEO) with this in mind, sculpting product content to appeal to the consumer and  increase conversion rates, while targeting relevant keywords with high buyer intent.

This approach ultimately increases reach and sales for Amazon sellers, merchants, brands, and manufacturers that we help.

  • Increased Ranking & Reach
  • Increased Sales
  • Increased Conversion Rates
  • Brand Building
  • Winning the Buy Box
  • Reduction in Policy Violations
  • Analytics & Analysis

Features of Our Amazon Product Optimization Service

We sculpt product content to appeal to the needs of the shopper and to the needs of the Amazon search algorithm. This results in a snowball effect, increasing sales, which increases sales rank and can increase Buy Box wins.

Our approach includes:

  • A team of Amazon SEO experts.
  • Keyword research to identify phrases that are relevant to your products, and refining copy, imagery, and structured data.
  • Basic competitive analysis within your product’s categories.
  • Improving conversion rates using A+ Content (available if client has brand registry).
  • Implementing a strategy to optimize conversion rates by improving product details, image quality, and reviews.
  • Making sure products are properly categorized.
  • Assisting with performance notifications - like order defect rates, late shipment rates.
  • Forward-thinking and vision to create a flexible strategy that will evolve at the pace of business.

We help Amazon Sellers (Wholesale, FBA & Seller Fulfilled) become more competitive within the marketplace by applying advanced content, product and brand optimization strategy.

Meeting Your Amazon Sales & Profit Goals

Objective evaluation

We will take an objective look at your current Amazon business marketing strategies.

Identify Opportunity

We research keywords specifically for Amazon, first identifying keywords relevant for your products and evaluating them based on buyer intent and popularity. By taking your existing product content and refining copy, inserting keywords, and sculpting the buyer experience, your products will rank higher and reach those who search for them. 

Visibility & Sales

It’s crucial to develop a strategy based on your business goals. This strategy is aimed at increasing your relevance in Amazon, and improving visibility and sales.


It all comes down to the bottom line. Our strategists will develop a plan that increases the bottom line profitability of your business and keeps you from violating Amazon rules, which will keep you in the game.


Communication is key. We offer a consult based on expert competitive analysis within the Amazon Marketplace. We’ll discuss our findings, and share with you a breakdown of what we can accomplish for your business.
Is There Room for Improvement in Your Amazon Performance?
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