Amazon for Resellers

Successfully Sell Products in the Ever-Growing Marketplace

When approximately 60% of consumers start on Amazon and 90% use Amazon for comparison shopping, it’s clear that the marketplace is a must for product sellers.

Resellers face tough challenges in Amazon. There’s no limit to how many sellers can offer a product.  The pricing, reviews, varying content, fake products, fake resellers – it’s hard for a buyer to know who to trust and hard for a seller to earn that trust.  Amazon offers a number of products – like various fulfillment options, Amazon Advertising, and Amazon Stores – that can have a big impact on your credibility and sales. The types of products and Amazon services you require will depend on your business goals.

Amazon is complicated and resellers may be confused by the complexities of account set ups, choosing Seller Central or Vendor Central, inventory management, shipping options, ads, product optimization, and how to use the analytics to determine if you are profitable. But Amazon is still essential for a successful ecommerce business.


Vertical Rail offers the following services specifically for resellers:

  • Seller Central/Vendor Central Account Creation
  • Amazon Advertising
  • Strategy Development & Consulting
  • Improve Sales
  • Amazon SEO
  • Building Brand
  • Analytics & Analysis

Features of our Amazon for Resellers Service

At Vertical Rail, we’ve worked with a variety of resellers and products in Amazon, and we will work alongside your team to reach your business goals.

Our digital marketing approach to Amazon for resellers includes:

  • Building your Amazon store correctly and efficiently to get you in the game.
  • Product optimization to drive visibility, including content SEO, images, category, and search terms.
  • Implementing promotions relevant to your business, like Deals of the Day, Lightning Deals, Percentage Off, and Buy One Get One.
  • Management of your product listing, making sure critical information is included so your products follow Amazon best practices.
  • A Buy Box strategy to increase visibility and improve sales.
  • Advertising management of Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brands Ads, Product Display Ads
  • Shipping & inventory management assistance to help you determine the best fulfillment method (FBA, FBM, or a hybrid of both) for your products & business.
  • Leveraging professional insights and data to fuel relevance and continue your growth.

Whether Amazon is your only selling method or whether it’s part of a larger digital marketing strategy, our decades of combined experience can help lead you to success.

Amazon SERP on laptop

Achieving Reseller Goals in Amazon

Your success is our success, and the Amazon experts at Vertical Rail want to help you increase your sales. We take a multi-pronged approach to Amazon and the team regularly checks data to make sure there’s continual growth. Adjustments are made as needed to help you become competitive in Amazon’s challenging environment.

Objective Evaluation
We assess your current Amazon marketing strategies to get a baseline of performance.

Identify Blind Spots
Are there aspects of Amazon that have been overlooked?

Identify Growth Opportunity
Growth can happen at any level – from supply chain to labeling.

Visibility & Reach
Identify and serve your products to the right people – targeting the right audience is key.

It all comes down to the bottom line. Amazon can vastly improve sales.

Professional Analysis
Data is king. Every investment in digital marketing should be fully evaluated for effects. Amazon is no different.