Amazon A+ / Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon’s Visually Appealing Product Page Content

As a business with Amazon Brand Registry, you have access to Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) in Seller Central and A+ Content in Vendor Central. This visual brand content can increase conversion rates for sellers.

Creating a rich shopping experience for your customers is key to Amazon success. Visually appealing content including graphics, video, comparison charts and expanded product information differentiates your brand and adds credibility to each product listing.  

We have an experienced team of professionals who can start from scratch or take existing EBC or A+ Content and make it work more efficiently for you. Vertical Rail has created and honed content for a variety of industries, helping businesses grow in Amazon.


Specialized Content For Your Brand

EBC and A+ Content features include:

  • The opportunity to use your brand’s digital assets within the Amazon product framework.
  • The option to section content into various pieces, so you can detail the product as well as expand on other brand information.
  • The ability to dictate the appearance of your product brand information on other sellers’ pages.
  • Customized design options to potentially increase customer engagement with the brand and increase conversion rates.

Share Your Brand Story

Let Our Team Help Spread Your Brand Awareness

Our Amazon team will consider your business goals and create specialized content for your brand. Sharing your company’s story and offering expanded content on your products will build your customer base and increase sales. Along with EBC and A+ Content, we can help with strategy, management, account maintenance, and reporting.


EBC and A+ Content can increase brand awareness and product visibility.


Control more of what people see about your brand.


Our Amazon strategists and graphic designers work together to achieve optimal results for your brand.

A successful Amazon optimization program includes a long list of nuanced tasks, and we will create a custom structured program to get those done to make your products more visible.

Educate Customers About Your Brand

EBC and A+ Content are beneficial for both businesses brands and their customers. Not only does rich content build your brand and improve conversion rates, is helps customers make more informed buying decisions, reducing bad reviews and returns for sellers.

  • Portray brand accurately across Amazon
  • Increase sales
  • Improve customer reviews
  • Visual product brand appeal
  • Additional images and content on product pages
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