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For What's Coming in Amazon?​

Does Your Brand have an Amazon Strategy?​

Amazon is a complicated and ever-changing global marketplace. Brands navigate hundreds of important decisions and factors in order to achieve and maintain peak performance & profit.

As a brand owner, you can take advantage of a number of opportunities available only to you. Your needs and business goals are vastly different than your direct competitors and resellers, as are the types of services, strategies and tactics that will benefit your brand.

You may find yourself struggling with certain aspects of Amazon, from protecting your trademark and determining the right type of account for your business, to customizing Enhanced Brand Content or Brand Store pages for your products.

Our role is to provide you a competitive, measurable marketing advantage when it comes to your Amazon strategy. We help our clients understand their place within the Amazon digital landscape and guide them to make the right decisions with strict adherence to their business goals.

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Commerce in the Age of Amazon is tricky. Brands continuously navigate hundreds of intersecting decisions in an effort to compete, sell, and maximize profits. Oddly, few brands are actually equipped with the knowledge, data and vision to make these important decisions with confidence. Many are finding out that marketing automation and dashboards are not a substitute for strategy and planning.

Vertical Rail is a consultancy and marketing services firm that helps brands and manufacturers develop strategy to meet their goals and overcome pesky issues. A group of veteran marketers, Vertical Rail represents marketing fundamentals done right and adapted for today’s up and coming brands.