Amazon Advertising

Achieve Your Amazon Sales Goals

Amazon is an ideal place for sellers to advertise their products. When you sell products in the marketplace, you use either Amazon Seller Central – as a third-party seller that offers products through your own store – or Amazon Vendor Central – an invitation-only area for distributors that sell to Amazon, who then sells the product.

Whether you’re a seller advertising in your dashboard or a vendor utilizing Amazon Advertising, the goal is to show your products to buyers who are searching for them using the various campaign types available to each.

Sellers should have a firm grasp on Amazon, including which campaign type will be best for your store, determining the right bidding strategies for minimizing your ACoS, optimizing your product, and using keywords and marketplace data to increase conversions.


Amazon is essential for business success, and companies should take advantage of everything it has to offer.

  • Brand Building
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Increased Sales
  • Decreased ACoS
  • Analytics & Analysis

Features of our Amazon Advertising Service

As experts managing Amazon stores for clients, our agency deals with the various features leveraging accounts to create the most effective advertising possible. In addition, we analyze your campaign structure and make adjustments as needed, leading to decreased ACoS and higher revenue.

Our all-encompassing digital marketing approach to Amazon includes:

  • Determining the most effective way to lower your costs while maintaining and improving sales.
  • Manual and/or automatic Sponsored Products for increasing sales in Seller Central – especially if you are frequently winning the Buy Box.
  • For brand owners, Sponsored Brands to drive traffic to a brand page or to a custom landing page at Amazon.
  • Competitive analysis and keyword research to see where opportunities are being missed.
  • Proper budget allocation for profitability.
  • Seller performance monitoring to detect issues before they become a problem.
  • Proper campaign segmentation to support your overall strategy.

In order to attain success in the complicated and competitive Amazon Marketplace, your Vertical Rail team takes a multi-pronged approach to meet your business goals.

Amazon Advertising

Achieving Your Amazon Advertising Goals

It’s critical for us to evaluate your current strategies to see what may or may not be working.

Objective Evaluation
We assess your current Amazon Advertising strategies to get a baseline of performance.

It all comes down to the bottom line. Advertising in Amazon can vastly improve sales.

Identify Blind Spots
Are there aspects of Amazon Advertising that have been overlooked?

Visibility & Reach
Identify and serve your business or products to the right people – the ones who need your products or services.

Professional Analysis
Data is king. Every investment in digital marketing should be fully evaluated for effects. Amazon is no different.

Identify Growth Opportunity
We should know before you do.

Receive a Marketing Consultation
Schedule a free professional review of your account.