Amazon Account Management

The Leadership to Grow Your Brand

Success in Amazon takes tenacity and attention to detail. Profit and growth comes from the right strategy, planning, and management to keep top products selling without hiccups or disruption.

Brands can expect to deal with policy changes, warnings, suspensions, listing removals, maintaining product and brand reputation, understanding ROI and profit, contending with counterfeit products, unruly resellers, calculating costs, lack of Map enforcement, fraud…It’s a jungle out there!

Amazon’s policies keep brands on their toes and lack of preparation can land you in the weeds or worse. As expert account managers at both the Seller Central and Vendor Central levels, clients choose us because we understand Amazon’s nuances and can provide the proactive strategy, ad management, and case-management needed to keep stores profitable.


Vertical Rail delivers:

  • Strategy
  • Resource Planning
  • Content
  • Promotions
  • Case Management
  • Analysis

Features of Our Amazon Account Management Services

Our team knows how to create opportunities for businesses to make money in Amazon. We help you succeed by using our collective expertise and tailored strategies to promote your business and products effectively and make you more profitable. We can help you determine if that applies to you and your product or business quickly, before a large outpouring of money.

Amazon Store setup
From business information and payment details to return policies and your product details, our Amazon consultants can advise you on your Amazon store setup – or we can do it all for you.

Product listing management
We will add product listings in bulk or individually based on your needs.

Amazon Advertising
With a mix of Sponsored Products Ads, Sponsored Brands, and Product Display Ads, we’ll tailor your ad program to meet your goals.

A+ Content
We’ll design A+ content that showcases your product, increases conversions, and builds customer loyalty.

Our team knows the ins and outs of Amazon promotions and will help you determine the most viable options for your products.

Product optimization
We sculpt product content to appeal to the needs of the shopper and to the needs of the Amazon search engine. 

Problem solving
Our team also has incredible success rectifying problems including high ACoS, poor ad quality, improper budgeting, incorrect keyword types, suppressed listings, and overall performance obstacles.

Buy Box strategy
If you’re already Buy Box eligible and simply not winning, we’ll analyze your metrics and determine a plan that will help you earn the win.

Analysis & reporting
Our customized reporting sheets with detailed information regarding your account will keep you on top of how our strategies are performing.

Vertical Insights
Amazon Video in Search Ads

Amazon Video in Search Ads

Amazon Video in Search is currently in beta testing, allowing Amazon sellers to connect with consumers using content-rich video in mobile search results. Video in Search is currently a premium ad experience requiring a minimum budget of $35,000, and is available only in the mobile shopping app.

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