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Commerce in the Age of Amazon is tricky. Brands continuously navigate hundreds of intersecting decisions in an effort to compete, sell, and maximize profits. Oddly, few are adequately equipped with the strategy, knowledge and vision to make these important decisions with confidence. Many are finding out that marketing automation and dashboards alone are not a substitute for strategy. 

Vertical Rail is a consultancy and marketing services firm that helps brands and manufacturers develop strategy to meet their goals and overcome the everyday obstacles associated with digital marketing. A group of veteran marketers, Vertical Rail represents marketing fundamentals done right and adapted for today’s up and coming brands.

Established in 2002 in Los Angeles, Vertical Rail began as a boutique digital marketing and design agency serving SEO, SEM and website development services. Vertical Rail earned the designation of Premier Google Partner in 2014, recognized for achieving and maintaining elite standards of client ecommerce results, ROI, account longevity and product knowledge.

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