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A Company Dedicated To Fundamentals Done Right

Founded in 2002 in Los Angeles, Vertical Rail began as a 3-person digital marketing agency providing SEO and SEM services to small and mid-market businesses. The company operated on a very simple premise – provide innovative & effective marketing services.

With great clients, partners, and a small but mighty staff in tow, the company committed itself to the fundamentals of building, optimizing and marketing websites. Each new project presented an opportunity to grow the company’s collective skills and set a new standard of marketing excellence for the client.

In 2008 the company made two bold decisions. First – relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area. Second – expand our services into digital marketing for ecommerce brands.  Shortly thereafter with the addition of Sr. Partner Linda Bateman, the ecommerce marketing division was officially blazing its own trail. 

As consumerism changed and ecommerce surged, Vertical Rail’s blend of experience, services and work ethic were a good fit for brands and businesses alike.  The company embraced its roots while it expanded both its team and marketing capabilities.

Vertical Rail earned the prestigious designation of Premier Google Partner in 2014, recognized for achieving and maintaining elite standards in client results (ROI), customer service, client account longevity and product knowledge. Google’s support, access and education helped Vertical Rail to become a top ranked SEM vendor not in size of spend, but in terms of results generated for the client.

The overarching success of the clients has always been tracked back to the incredible people behind the project. At the end of the day Vertical Rail is a people-driven marketing company. While technology helps us do our jobs better, it has never been a substitute for talent and ability.

Through all of the years and all of the changes in digital marketing, Vertical Rail remains a steadfast partner to its clients. Today the company employs a staff of 14, still with the original founding members.

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