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From Humble Beginnings

Meet Vertical Rail

Vertical Rail’s core management team started working together in 1996. At this time in the industry there was no infrastructure supporting digital marketing. There were no books on the topic, no webinars, no tutorials, no MOZ, SEM Rush, Google… or Google Analytics. The only way to learn the trade was to be hands-on.

The pressure was heavy for e-marketers of the time. Brands were distrusting of the new medium, so much so that it was common to hear the famous last words being uttered by C-level executives, owners and managers alike “The Internet is a Fad; we’ll see how long this lasts!” These were the conditions and prevailing attitudes when the principles of Vertical Rail formed their marketing alliance.

Without a rule-book to follow, Linda Bateman and Andrew Arenson designed and executed end-to-end digital strategies for brands. Together they engineered strategy, performed research, wrote content, optimized pages, coded websites, analyzed log files, and mentored their client’s –hundreds of times over.

Without the benefit of the tools and technology of today, they invented the digital marketing playbook of the time. Their secret – listen to the numbers.

To meet client demands for understanding ROI and monetizing impact, they set their focus to understand how profit is gained and lost in business. Together they carefully studied the dynamic variables that contributed to success across industries and marketing channels.

Over the decades they continued to observe their client’s growing and evolving businesses, charting each and every evolutionary change that occurred in the digital marketing continuum. The studied goal setting & leadership, how clients managed growth, sourcing, pricing, shipping, distribution and technology. The playbook that fuels Vertical Rail’s client success was crafted from the hands on experience and observations of helping hundreds of brands scale and profit.

The Internet has since become a place where brands must do everything they can to protect themselves in the pursuit of profit. While the marketing landscape has changed profoundly, one thing remains the same – numbers don’t lie.

Established in 2002, Vertical Rail is a privately held consulting and advertising firm that helps brands and manufacturers engineers profit. Now a team of veteran marketers, Vertical Rail represents proven marketing fundamentals done right and adapted for today’s up and coming brands.