Amazon Retail Analytics Introduces Powerful New Features

Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) has released three powerful features designed to make assessing and optimizing your business a seamless experience in Vendor Central.

  1. ASIN Search Enhancement

One of the key highlights of the latest update is the enhanced ASIN search filter. ARA now allows users to base ASIN searches on various attributes such as model number, EAN, ISBN, or even keywords present in the product title. This level of customization enables businesses to tailor their reports to focus on the specific dimensions that matter most to their operations.

  1. Multi-ASIN View on Real-Time Sales Dashboard

Businesses can now track multiple ASINs simultaneously, offering a more comprehensive understanding of overall performance. The update also provides users with a range of options for different timeframes, allowing for more nuanced and detailed analyses. The multi-ASIN view is a game-changer for businesses looking to make informed decisions based on a holistic view of their product portfolio.

  1. Interactive Line Graphs for In-Depth Analysis

Understanding how various metrics evolve over time is crucial for strategic decision-making. ARA has addressed this need by implementing interactive line graphs into its analytics toolkit. This feature enables users to select from a list of metrics and plot them on a line graph, providing a visual representation of performance trends. Observing correlations and patterns over time becomes more intuitive, allowing businesses to identify key insights that can inform their decision-making processes.

To access these new features, login to your Vendor Central account and navigate to the Amazon Retail Analytics dashboard. The updates are seamlessly integrated into the existing platform, ensuring a user-friendly experience for both new and existing users. As you explore the enhanced ASIN search, multi-ASIN view, and interactive line graphs, you’ll find yourself equipped with the tools needed to unlock deeper insights and drive your business forward.

Go to the Amazon Retail Analytics dashboard to see the new features.


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