Amazon Allows Multiple Selling Partners’ Images on Hardlines Product Pages

Starting January 31, 2024, Amazon is rolling out an update to product detail pages for hardlines product types. Hardlines commonly refers to less personal items like toys, sporting goods, or appliances. In a bid to empower customers with more information and enhance purchasing decisions, images from multiple selling partners will now be displayed on these pages.

The key improvement lies in the display of at least three required images on each product detail page. This upgrade is designed to provide a comprehensive view of the product, catering to the diverse needs of Amazon customers. The three mandatory images include:

  1. White Background: A clear image of the product against a white background, offering a detailed look at its features.
  2. Environment Setting: An image of the product in an environment, giving customers a sense of how the product might fit into their daily lives.
  3. Size and Fit Information: A visual representation demonstrating the size and fit of the product, ensuring customers can make well-informed decisions.

Previously, product detail pages exclusively showcased images from a single selling partner. This update signifies a departure from that approach, introducing a more inclusive display of images. In cases where required images are missing from a product detail page, images from multiple selling partners or Amazon will be automatically added, ensuring a more comprehensive shopping experience.

Maintaining accuracy and relevance is crucial. If there’s an incorrect image on a product detail page, a seller may be able to rectify it. Reach out to Amazon, and they claim they will address the issue, guaranteeing that the displayed images accurately represent the product.

For those keen on understanding the ins and outs of this new image display system, Amazon has created a set of resources to guide you through the process.

  1. Product Image Requirements: Learn about the specifications and requirements for images to ensure your products are showcased in the best possible way.
  2. Upload Your Images: A step-by-step guide on how to add images to your product listings.
  3. Upload and Manage Videos: Explore the option of incorporating videos to provide an even more immersive experience for customers.
  4. Image Issues: Troubleshoot potential issues that may arise during the image uploading process, ensuring a smooth transition to this new display format.

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