Effortlessly Verify Subscribe & Save Eligibility for FBA Products on Amazon

Amazon has announced the launch of a feature designed to enhance your FBA experience: the ability to instantly check your FBA product’s Subscribe & Save eligibility directly within Seller Central.

Key Features of Amazon’s New Self-Service Feature:

  • Instant Eligibility Checks: Say goodbye to the traditional method of contacting support for eligibility verification. The new feature empowers you with instant eligibility checks, eliminating unnecessary delays and providing real-time results.
  • 24/7 Access: With 24/7 access to this self-service tool, you can check your product’s Subscribe & Save eligibility whenever it suits your schedule.

How to Check Your Product’s Eligibility:

  1. Sign into Amazon Subscribe & Save: Log in to your Seller Central account.
  2. Navigate to Check Subscribe & Save Eligibility for FBA Products: Locate the section within Seller Central tailored for checking the eligibility of your FBA products.
  3. Enter Product Details: Provide the necessary product details, such as SKU, product information, and other relevant information, to initiate the eligibility check.
  4. Confirm Eligibility Status Within Seconds: Receive an instant confirmation of your product’s Subscribe & Save eligibility status.

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