Elevate Product Listings with latest “Reduce Customer Returns” Recommendation

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, creating an impeccable customer experience is key to success. Amazon has introduced the latest tool in the Growth Opportunities arsenal – the “Reduce Customer Returns” recommendation.

Amazon’s new recommendation leverages a wealth of data, including return comments, customer questions, and reviews, to provide invaluable insights into improving your product listings. Here’s a glimpse into what the “Reduce Customer Returns” recommendation can offer:

  1. Financial Impact Assessment
  • Gain a comprehensive view of the estimated financial impact over 90 days if you implement recommended actions to enhance your product detail pages.
  1. Detail Page Recommendations
  • Receive tailored content recommendations to improve your product detail pages based on customer preferences and expectations.
  1. Customer Issue Trends
  • Stay ahead of the curve by analyzing customer questions and answers in your product category. Tailor your detail page content to address trending issues effectively.
  1. Listing Comparisons
  • Benchmark your listings against top-selling brands in your category, ensuring your content aligns with industry standards and customer expectations.
  1. Ideal Location Insights
  • Discover the optimal placement for your content, whether it’s in the title, bullets, or product description, to make the most significant impression on customers.

To access the “Reduce Customer Returns” recommendation, simply navigate to the Growth Opportunities tool (available to sellers who have access to Growth Opportunities). If you’re ready to try the new feature? Log in to your Seller Central account and click on Reduce Customer Returns.

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