Amazon Announces Changes to the Create New Listing Process

Beginning December 11, 2023, Amazon will change the process by which new product listings are created through the Add Products page. The change affects all products worldwide except for media, digital, and handmade listings.

According to Amazon, the changes will reduce the number of errors when attributes are required but are not listed as required. The changes will help buyers make more informed purchase decisions by requiring sellers to fill in additional attributes that were optional in the past.

The following changes will be rolled out starting December 11, 2023 through February 1, 2024.

  • Add Products: Updated requirements will be added as the changes roll out to sellers using the manual “Add Products” page. Important Note to Sellers: If you see a required attribute that isn’t relevant for your product, alert Amazon by hovering over the “?” next to the attribute and selecting the “Irrelevant attribute” option. An Amazon team will use this feedback to determine if the attribute should be made optional or removed.
  • Add Products via Upload: Sellers who use the “Add Products via Upload” can opt to upgrade to the new listing template based on the product category. When you select a product category for your listing, you will see a banner with a link to download the new template. Amazon will continue to accept listing submissions via the previous templates and will give sellers at least 30 days notice before the new templates become mandatory.
  • A spreadsheet of product types and attributes impacted by the change can be downloaded here.

Note: Existing listings will not be affected unless you choose to edit a listing and then you may be required to add additional information. Businesses with API’s should take note of the new requirements to circumvent feed errors in the future.  


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