Changes to required attributes for product listings announced

Amazon has announced changes to required attributes for product listings, which will roll out over the next few weeks. Amazon will update the Add Products and Add Products via Upload tools in Seller Central to ensure listings contain relevant product attributes. Attribute information can help raise sales by making it easier for customers to locate product information and increase their likelihood to purchase. 

The following changes will be made when you create or edit a product listing:

  • Some optional attributes will become required.
  • Some required attributes will become optional.
  • Some attributes will be removed. 

New listings and existing listings that you choose to edit will not be added to the catalog until all required attributes are added by selecting the Add Products or Add Products via upload tools. 

Current listings will not be affected – unless you choose to edit them. 

For more information, including a regularly updated list of required attributes from Amazon, visit: Updated attributes within the Add Products and Add Products via Upload interface.


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