Get Ready for the New Google Ads Layout

Get ready, folks. The time is once again upon us to welcome in a new Google Ads layout.  

At the beginning of the year, Google started experimenting with new layouts for the Google Ads platform. After reviewing input from advertisers and testing designs, Google has announced the winning design: a sleeker layout with pages organized into 5 categories on the left side of the screen. These new categories will contain all the features advertisers have come to rely on; just repackaged in a new design.

As with any new feature, there are quirks being worked out. Advertisers who need time to get used to the changes can switch between the old and new designs through the end of the year. Additionally, you will be able to collapse some of the menu to maximize your screen space – a huge win for those working on smaller screens. Google is working on making the platform more responsive on a smaller screen – but for now, this is a great option to get a bit more screen space back.

The new layout is rolling out throughout the year, so if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t fret. Google will provide more announcements and information as the layout continues to roll out, including help center documentation and this quick reference map. We will also keep you updated as news comes out, so bookmark this page and check back to get updates!


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