Types of Ads in Walmart Marketplace

Walmart Marketplace offers multiple advertising options

Just like other marketplaces, Walmart offers a variety of advertising strategies to help increase sales. Let’s take a look at Walmart advertising options.

Walmart Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products are CPC ads that appear on SERP pages, driving traffic to Walmart product detail pages. The advertiser chooses between manual and automatic ad campaigns, sets budgets and bids, and is only charged when a user clicks on the ads.

Walmart Carousels

Want to be seen in multiple locations across, from the homepage to product level pages? Consider Carousel ads, which are available for both automatic and manual campaigns.

Carousels can help maintain visibility, capture new customers, and promote new items. Walmart Carousel ad placements include:

  • Search results
  • Category pages
  • Browse pages
  • Curated shelf pages
  • Product detail pages (PDP)
  • Featured Items
  • May also appear within personalized shopper carousels, which can include items that customers viewed, considered, or ultimately purchased.

Walmart Buy Box Banner

The highly competitive Walmart Buy Box ad can be seen on a PDP for items that are a complementary item or potential alternative to the product being viewed. This ad type, which is available for both automatic and manual campaigns, features important information for customers including a title, price, pickup and delivery options, and reviews.

Walmart Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands is a group of branded products that appears at the top of a search result listing for specific keywords. This type of Walmart ad is best used to promote brand awareness and the variety of products you have available. Featuring your logo, custom headlines, and between 2 and 10 individual SKUs, this ad appears above the returned search results. Potential customers are directed to a manual shelf, search, or browse page.

Demand-Side Platform Ads (DSP)

Advertisers who choose Walmart DSP can take advantage of Walmart shopper data like past purchase audiences, predictive audiences, and brand-level in-store and online shopping behavior data, to place targeted ads across the web including Display ads; Streaming video, mobile, and audio ads; Connected TV (CTV) ads. In addition, they also have access to onsite display ads through Walmart’s self-serve display platform, allowing advertisers to bid on onsite display inventory.

Walmart Marketplace continues to grow and offer extensive opportunities to sellers. If you’re unsure about how to proceed, contact us and let our Walmart experts provide you with some guidance.


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