Tips for Selling on Walmart Marketplace

Walmart Marketplace is expanding, and though is still smaller than Amazon, sellers need to stand out among the growing competition. So how do you help your product listing get the best visibility and potential conversions possible? Here are some tips for selling on Walmart Marketplace. 

1 – Follow Walmart Content Guidelines

Walmart suggests character limits and style guidelines that help your listing rank higher in searches. A title is a required attribute and is ideal when limited to 50-75 characters. Though more are allowed, the limit is suggested for optimal ranking with the Walmart algorithm. A product description is also required, and should explain product benefits with keyword rich content.

2 – Use Key Features

Although not required, key features are a great way for shoppers to quickly gather important product information. Another benefit to key features is the ability to differentiate them with bold or italicized text, as well as adding bullet points.

3 – Upload Multiple High Quality Photographs

As with any online marketplace, photos are key to a product listing. Remember that online shoppers cannot physically touch products, so they rely on accurate and appealing images to get a better idea of size, features, and more. Walmart suggests at least 4 images per product, including different angles, included accessories, close-ups, and others. Although not required, a white background is ideal for your main image so the product is the main focal point.

4 – Upload 360-degree Image/Video

Consider including a 360-degree image or enable zoom on your imagery for more detail. Walmart Marketplace also allows you to upload a demonstration video so shoppers can see your product in use.

5 – Pay Attention to Pricing

Keep in mind that Walmart prides itself on being a low price leader, and your products will show alongside theirs. If you sell the same or similar product as Walmart, it is expected that the prices will align. If you sell a unique product on Walmart Marketplace, shoppers still expect a reasonable price. Walmart Marketplace is in competition with others – like Amazon – and Walmart’s goal is to entice more shoppers to purchase on their site.

6 – Offer Shipping Options

Shoppers appreciate options, and giving them a choice of shipping will improve the customer experience. Along with standard shipping, consider offering express delivery. You can choose to increase the cost of expedited shipping, or perhaps offer it in exchange for a shopper joining some sort of membership or automatic delivery program.

With the continuous growth of Walmart Marketplace, sellers need to do everything they can to improve their product listings. If you need a bit of help with your, let us know. We can help.


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