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Vertical Rail Partners With Skai

Skai’s data combined with VR’s management is the solution for advancing Amazon and Walmart sales

Vertical Rail is pleased to announce its new partnership with Skai (Kenshoo), an industry leading digital ad platform offering market intelligence and real-time analytics. 

Skai’s powerful data combined with Vertical Rail’s proven strategy and management is the solution for sellers and manufacturers interested in advancing Amazon and Walmart sales.

Features of the Skai/Vertical Rail partnership include:

  • Keyword Harvesting – Define custom rules, destinations, and alerts to when and how keywords are automatically harvested
  • Day Parting – Auto invest when ROAS is at its highest using a predefined schedule
  • Rule-based Optimizations – Automated actions for time-consuming tasks
  • Monitor Share of Voice (SOV) – Analyze growth relative to competitors
  • Advanced Analytics – Customized reporting
  • Cross-channel Integration – Seamless cross-channel integrations – including Amazon, Walmart, and social media platforms – for data-driven campaigns and results that exceed basic KPIs

Skai uses patented Natural Language Processing and advanced analytics to provide powerful and actionable intelligence about consumer sentiment, market trends, competition, and more – all based on real-time experiments and modeling.

The Amazon and Walmart marketplaces are tricky, with brands competing fiercely for impressions, rankings, and sales; but few are equipped with the knowledge and data to confidently make these decisions.

Vertical Rail is a consultancy and marketing services firm that specializes in Amazon and Walmart. We help brands and manufacturers develop strategy and then apply a combination of the right people and the right tools – like Skai – to systematically reach goals. A team of veteran marketers, Vertical Rail represents marketing fundamentals adapted for today’s brands. Whether a single project, account setup, or long-term management, we get it done right the first time.


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