What is Google Smart Shopping?

Promote Products Using Automated Bidding, Placement

Smart Shopping Campaign

Google Smart Shopping is a campaign system that simplifies management, maximizes conversion value, and expands reach. This campaign type combines standard Shopping and display remarketing campaigns, and uses automated bidding and ad placement to promote your products and business across networks. Google uses Machine Learning in order to manage these campaigns based on advertisers goals. While still using the traditional signals of device, location, and time, Google has added the Machine Learning as well as looking at customer’s intent,  product seasonality, the price of the products vs the cost of the clicks, and where to display the impression.

Shopping Campaign vs. Smart Shopping Campaigns!

Smart Shopping Campaigns are a great addition to Google’s product offering but it doesn’t replace the traditional Shopping Campaign in all cases. Smart Shopping Campaigns give advertisers and marketers alike  little to no control, as the campaigns are completely automated. This is designed to help any advertiser sell their products in the most efficient way Google’s Machine Learning can, however there are still benefits to running traditional shopping campaigns when the goals are based on data outside of what can be imported into Google Ads. A great but simple example is shipping cost. A smart campaign will try to generate sales with limited reservation but marketers can still choose to have greater scrutiny in traditional campaigns.

Are Smart Shopping Campaigns for me?

If you or your client is an online retailer and is looking to reach consumers ready to buy on the following platforms: Google Display Network, YouTube, Google Images and Google Search then A Smart Shopping campaign might be for you. In order to help online retailers generate more sales, Google is partnering with large ecommerce platforms like Shopify to make campaign creation simple. There are also solutions for smaller ecommerce companies as well, designed to make the barrier of entry much simpler than ever before.


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