Google Combined Audience Targeting

Further Narrow The Audience For Your Advertising

Combined audience targeting

Throughout 2019, Google has added options for audience targeting for search campaigns. The latest update, combined audience targeting, allows an even more narrow focus for advertising.

Previously, advertisers were able to segment using “or” and “not.” The latest update offers “and” – meaning advertisers can layer intersecting segments and serve ads to 2 or more specific audiences.

Using combined audience targeting, you can combine a variety of attributes to create “personas” that represent different segments of your target audiences. Attributes can include everything from affinities and detailed demographics, to in-market audiences and life events.

There’s no limit to how many personas you can create to represent different types of customers who might be interested in your product. Combined audience targeting provides you with pinpoint precision when considering who can be served your ads.

When using combined audiences, Google will show you the estimated number of potential people in the persona. Combined audiences require at least 1,000 members, and Google will pause personas that don’t meet the threshold.

Advertisers may be impacted in various ways with the new option. Because this will allow for targeting directly to those users who are highly likely to convert, advertisers may need to allot more budget for certain personas. However, restricting ads to these segments also means that your budget is not wasted on the wrong audience.

Google Combined Audiences moves away from keyword-centric ad campaigns toward more audience-focused campaigns, and advertisers will likely see increased conversion rates when using this option.

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